PS3 Home Preview - There is No Place Like Home

Here is a preview of Home. Home is a real-time online 3D, networked community available on the Playstaion Network(PSN). Continue

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nextgengaming184129d ago

I will simply add some dirty gestures :).

Also Known As4128d ago

Desperate times (the ps3 lagging behind the competition) call for desperate measures and I must say this is a nice "measure", it reminds me of the game phantasy star online from sega. I'm sure that if it becomes popular Microsoft will create something similar for the 360 and it will probably have better graphics like most 360 games seem to have.

TriggerHappy4129d ago

Thats a possibility, remember because of the Linux functionality included on the ps3, possibility extend very far on the console.

boi4129d ago

yea possibly..anyways when is this HOME coming to the ps3?

looking forward to it :D

Figboy4129d ago

it's supposed to hit in either late September, or October. i'd go with October.

Vip3r4129d ago

I can't wait for the open Beta. I really hope I get in. Home FTW!!

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The story is too old to be commented.