Ten Worst Mascots of the 16-Bit Era

Joe DeLia of TheGameReviews writes: "The age of the mascot has passed. Well, not really, as the fuzzy, tude-filled creatures of old have simply been replaced by the steroid-packing, tude-filled soldiers of today. But there was something special about the 16-bit era, when every company that could throw a few programmers into a dark, dingy room was pumping out their version of Mario or Sonic. While some Genesis and SNES creations - like Starfox and, uh, Starfox - managed to survive, most of these mid-90s abominations will only be remembered by the few unfortunate souls who received them as gifts from confused grandparents who thought that they had bought them a Mario tape. Here are the ten worst mascots of the 16-bit era."

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Ixon3775d ago

In the complete opposite direction, the guy from the 7Up game was the best mascot ever.

SlamVanderhuge3775d ago

Cool Spot was rad, but Spot Goes To Hollywood ruined it!

shoinan3775d ago

Can ruin Cool Spot. He's too cool to be ruined.

midi3775d ago

The only one of those I can definitely remember is Greendog. I suspect I have somehow blocked the memory of the others from surfacing.

Damn you Joe for making me remember again!

Haly3775d ago

Noooo Acro the Acrobat was excellent!

The rest though....yeah, sucky.

dalibor3775d ago

I like reading articles about older generations of gaming/consoles/games. I still remember those Crash Bandicoot comercials from back in the day. They were crazy and goofy.

washingmachine3775d ago

how are those mascots.i thought a mascot was to be used in other games etc,anyway boogerman ftw lol

we really need to bring back alex the kid for rpgs,or was that wonder boy lol

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The story is too old to be commented.