Retailer reports lighter PS3 on the way

A retailer is reporting today that Sony will be giving the PlayStation 3 a slight weight reduction from its current 3.2kg to 3.0kg. This will be accompanied by a change in model number from CECH-2000A to CECH-2100A.

It's presumable that, aside from just the weight, something else has changed inside the system. Sony often makes minor hardware adjustments, changing the model number in the process.

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Chris3993772d ago

If they reduced the components even more, they're probably breaking even or even making money off hardware now. (Especially considering that Blu-ray drives are cheaper now too.)

FangBlade3772d ago

minor hardware adjustments? now im curious.

What Would Kratos Do3772d ago

200g seems like quite a bit.

Smaller, lighter components often go hand in hand with lower power consumption and cooler temperatures.

iceatcs3772d ago

PSU might be the one to change. It still internal but bigger than old fat PS3's internal PSU (it is really small).

Maybe they finally got same design on Slim's PSU.

ironmonkey3772d ago

sony cares about the fans and their consoles.

360 still got that grey brick i hate so much with flimsy hardware you could hear it when you move it around, and a fan thats louder than my air conditioner. oh and a very bad rrod reputation