Bonus Round E3 Preview: Sony Part 2

What must Sony do at E3 to finish 2007 with a flurry?

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LSDARBY4130d ago

Not watched it yet but last weeks was good so this should be good too. Sony needs to show us lots of new things at E3, new things that arent labelled "Coming Soon". Stuff that we will get not long after E3 cus i havent got much to play on my PS3 until September tbh.

original seed4130d ago

Its time for SOny to show us More.

Vojkan4130d ago

The most important thing Sony needs to show us is PRICE CUT! Not 100 bucks, not 150 but 200 dollars. 399$ sounds ok for what is Sony offering wright now. If they wait until mid 08 for price cut, i am afraid it is going to be to late. We never know when is Microsoft going to cut price and if they do so around December this year, price to be 199 for premium, than i don't know what can Sony expect with their 599 price!?
For me personally before all the games that are to be shown during E3, i want to see price cut.

fenderputty4130d ago

Cut the price to less then the Elite. It's a better system. It just lack game which will be changing. A price cut to that of the elite level will help put the PS3 back on track.

tethered4130d ago

It won't happen before the end of the year.

It would help sales but there is no way.

PS360PCROCKS4130d ago

Just show me that my box wont continually overheat and break and Sony you'll have my heart...sigh

SimmoUK4130d ago

I know exactly what your saying, and there has already been full programs dedicated to this on the main channel's in the UK, then people wonder why it's not selling so well over here, this is one main issue that Microsoft needs to deal with and all there trying to do is ignore it and actually at some tims give really ridiculous answers like saying just be glad about are customer service? sorry but it should work anyway...

StateofMind4130d ago

Um...the PS3 has had virtually no hardware problems.

PS360PCROCKS4130d ago

No my point was that all Sony would have to show me is that their box is not like my radiator 360 and they'll have my heart. I am sick of my 360 breaking.

DrPirate4130d ago

This is their last chance to give everyone that, "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SYSTEM" feeling. It all comes down to E3 and for the sake of the 360 (competition feeds quality of the overall makret), and for the sake of Sony, I hope they deliver.

funkysolo4130d ago

If the PS3 is capable of Killzone2 trailer then it's worth $600 even more. It's plain and simple, people want SOny to prove them that the PS3 is 2 times more powerful than the 360 and if Killzone is not mindblowing people are just going to say that the extra $200 is not worth the small upgrade no matter the special features or better hardware. Once they establish the undeniable PS3 power, we can all go back to it's all about the games. I hope I didn't offend any 360 fans, I do own a premiun and an elite but I'm just hoping for a better next gen experiance. Can someone give me some bubbles plz

SimmoUK4130d ago

I agree FPS's is a very popular genre and what Sony needs to do is come out and show what is capable from PS3, why killzone has had so much money spent on it and just basically produce a must have game AA, being there holding an event that is 2 and half hours long for just that one game I think we can safely say we'll all be impressed PS3 fans and xbox fans alike, I just know and I think everyone else knows that if it wasn't really impressive there is no way they'd give it it's own event they'd just try and slip it in quitely with there other games...Roll on E3 when we find out what CELL is reallt about...

DrPirate4130d ago

Well spoken. Bubbles for you.

power of Green 4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

PS3's getting raped when it comes to how powerful consoles are, Sony needs to show the PS3 isn't 2X's as powerful and focus on honest marketing to restore the honor and respect Sony once had.

Sony needs to be honest and say we have a great console but its not the super duper console we said it was.

They need to tell people why it cost more and they need to tell people its because our console comes with an built in HD player. They need to stop with the" its more powerful fud when people know more powerful consoles own the competition from day one.

" I do own a premiun and an elite but I'm just hoping for a better next gen experiance. Can someone give me some bubbles"

^^^lieing POS who are you kidding. lol

Crotin4130d ago

Yeah seriously, if Killzone doesn't look like the trailer, or even close to it...I'm buying a 360.

"They need to tell people why it cost more and they need to tell people its because our console comes with an built in HD player"

They do say that...that's why blu-rays are selling so much but, average gamers want to play games first, and good ones at that. I agree with the guy when he said Sony shot themselves in the foot when they showed the Killzone trailer and said it was all real time. They should have never set the bar that high...seriously the game HAS to look like the trailer they showed. Even Final Fantasy XIII looked good but not as good as the Killzone trailer...the gameplay of FF13 looks like it's able to be done, but the Killzone trailer eh....we'll see at E3.

Kleptic4129d ago

it is a good point though that Sony wouldn't put it up for 2 and a 1/2 hours of scrutiny, if they didn't have something at least close to the trailer...Sony knows about the hype of the game this time around, because they pretty much put themselves in it...the original Killzone was hyped by mags and websites just hoping there would be a ps2 fps to go up against Halo in quality...Sony, however, did nothing to hype it like they have with killzone got the same attention all their bigger 1st party ps2 games did (ratchet, TM:Black, GoW, all shared similar tv spot amounts with killzone...not one of them was pushed more than the other)...

But killzone 2 hit the scene with skeptical eyes watching BECAUSE of Sony this time...and Sony knows they have to deliver...I don't think they set themselves up for failure at all though...they just HAVE to show us stuff we haven't seen...if the things like light shining through bullet holes in buildings in realtime, the untoachably advanced hit detection, and use of volumetrics rumors are true...which is all stuff a console hasn't done before...then the media focus of the game will shift away from comparing to a 2.2 year old trailer, and start focusing on what innovations and technology this game takes advantage of...that is the only reason I am excited for E3...I just want to see what they came up with...and if the game ends up being good to, thats great...

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