Dev source backs claim of PS3 'nunchuck'

A games development source has told Develop that Sony's new Motion Controller device will work in tandem with an optional extra Wii Nunchuck-style add-on.

Our source says claims that even though the controller's final execution will be 'reminiscent' to the Wii, the familiar elements provide scope for those working on Nintendo's platform to 'upgrade' their ideas to the HD rival PS3.

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TOO PAWNED3775d ago

Great move, good bye Wii

coolmatrix3775d ago

You heard it here first!!!!!!

The secret plan that will shock the gaming world in 2010 or somewhere in 2011.

Sony and Nintendo are working to merge the CONSOLES HARDWARE...What is the name. I do not know!

Sony will continue with PS3 and BluRay. With the Arc it bring every Wii game into the Hi Def space with BLURAY capacity and visuals.

Nintendo will save billions by not creating another proprietary hardware which is incompatible with BluRay. Money will be used instead game development.

Nintendo will keep its handheld business unit separate along with the Sony PSP. PSP Go will go away.

There you have it.....

The first step was 3D DOT....just like Zelda...

Sony and Nintendo to merge console hardware.

mastiffchild3775d ago

I just really hope Sony are clever enough to realise they totally need this or the wands/arc/sphere/gem will be dead as the Do Do. DS3 doesn't work in one hand and isn't suitable for the task at all AND doen't have the right button split for easy gaming. Christ, my kids and missus couldn't even push the stick fully in all directons when we tried so i'm fully behind Sony in making the extra controller this always, from the first time we saw t, obviously needed to be taken seriously.

Now they need to bring the pain with games bth old and new, casual and core which is what they've been doing with classic controlled games for a while now. A shooter or two retooled from the past(say R2 or KZ2), RE5(no brainer after Wii edition of RE4 was s successful), LBP and maybe even retoled and graphically upgraded Wii titles-maybe The Conduit could be fleshed out a little. Whatever, there's a bunch of opportunities that become available with the accuracy of this tech and we'd be churlish to knock either this or Natal too heavily(though how Natal does more complex, mature games is a mystery as yet- how do we navigate larger game worlds for instance. Anyhoo the dev conference and the conference season should see it all come out in the wash and if Sony HAVE decided on a 'chuck answer they're back on track with their motion control efforts.

DelbertGrady3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


First they steal the name from Microsofts Arc Mouse and now they copy Nintendos Wii nunchuk. How inventive of them.

TOO PAWNED3775d ago

Yeah Microsoft invented "ARC" word, there is even a rumour that MS invented English language, but keep it for yourself.

ascendantofrain3775d ago

You forgot that Al Gore invented the internet too and Thomas Edison invented electricity. Staggering inventions if you ask me... /s

ThatCanadianGuy3775d ago

Lips, You're in the movies, Avatars etc, etc.

Get over it.

LtSkittles3775d ago

What about Windows, I mean it's not like that's the name of something else either?

THC CELL3775d ago

why would ms name something after a carwash

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