XMB Access in-Game's Already Implemented ?

The next "big" firmware update for the ps3 is rumored to have an ingame access from the XMB(Cross Media Bar). Here is a new video showing how this fucntion implemented on in a game.

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deepujatt20054180d ago

it would be cool if u could acess it from anywhere in the game. and not going in to spacial screen.. for it..

DiLeCtioN4180d ago

rfom has xmb access (update) you can send messages read them and view who is online

JustCallMeDaddy4180d ago

you would have to exit whatever game you are playing and go to that special screen. So is still not well done.

funkysolo4180d ago

That is good news for PS fans, all they need now is cross game chat and game invites which hopefully be coming soon and all of this for free WOW..bubbles plz

Lucidmantra4179d ago

It was all free in my X360... you push the Xbox button and bam there it is. I hope you get it too... Eventually.

Not to flame but this would have been a GOOD thing to have working at launch.

kingofps34180d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man has this functionality as well since the recent update.

It would be cool if a future firmware update would allow for total access to the PS3 XBM (Obviously, that is coming).

Lord Anubis4180d ago

well its not the first game that does it. I don't think many people care because they haven't noticed it in other gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.