Sony Named as Dirtiest Computer Maker

Sony has been free falling down the ranking and is now at the bottom. When the Guide was first launched the company was in 5th place. ... Sony is part of a Coalition that has been opposing Producer Responsibility and lobbying for U.S. consumers to pay an Advanced Recycling Fee (ARF).

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kspraydad4129d ago

Realistically...maybe GREENPEACE can make us aware of the pollution caused by purchasing our goods from China overall, instead of trying to produce 'sexy' 'investigations' like this.

I'd gather there are a lot more toxins released into our environment by one Chinese shoe factory than the computer companies combined. But you don't hit the news when Greenpeace goes after the Huang Shie Fong Shoe Company (made up name but I hope you get the point).

Like a shadow I am4129d ago

I don't get Sony fanboy's logic.

kspraydad4129d ago

My point...which you failed to understand, is that this is just Greenpeace grandstanding to get itself some attention. You know...just like we get dumbass articles on N4G for all consoles because it's 'sexy' if you throw a big corporate name under the bus. If they were TRULY worried about toxins and pollution they would point out the horrible pollution being spewed out by unknown Chinese companies in the name of servicing the Wests appetite for cheap goods.

But that wouldn't be sexy.

Where do you get Sony fanboy from that? Why not look at my edit and report history and you'll see I'm pretty much against all this shlock getting on to N4G.

SimmoUK4129d ago

Microsoft can't even make hardware that works properly, say what you wan't but Microsoft don't seem to care but they should...

Jeremy Gerard4129d ago

What? what does this have to do with M$? nothing, why do you need to bring them up? it is common knowledge that sony is not a green company, just look at all the power the PS3 consumes during operation, way more than the other two consoles, its true and should be no skin off your back since your last name is not sony, so why get all defensive about it and start bashing MS?

chrno64129d ago

yeah ps3 consumes a lot of energy, but better than the 360 that explodes. As evil as Sony us, MS is by far the most evil company in the world.

sfinXters4129d ago

@2.1 & 2.2

Holy crap! PS3 consumes 10-20 Watts more than 360! That's almost a third of a light bulb!!! OMG!

Seriously though, the PS consumes just a little bit more that the box -

mcintosh2334129d ago

@ chrno6
yeah i would say companies that make pedo porn and companies that specialise in kidnap ransom/murder/landmine manufacturing are ever so slightly worse than M$

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BubblesDAVERAGE4129d ago

This site is full of BS....You see how like it takes MS FUD to make it..yet sony FUD makes it in like 3 guys are losers..this is why i approve every MS FUD story becaue yall do the same for SONy...I suggest we all do the same for MS because all the fanboys on here love to put sony down yet whe nit comes to MS they act like MS is the king of gaming and hardware and software...FUD is FUD you approve so I reports i bet either...

ShiftyLookingCow4129d ago

A dirty kid gives a headache to his mother. A dirty Sony gives headache to "mother nature"

BaMYouRDeaD4129d ago

It seems that all people want to do these days is bash a certain product or company. I honestly don't care if Sony, or for that matter any other electronics company, passes their 'green' test. This is all flamebait. Since when did electronics companies have to make sure their laptops where made of 100% recycled material, or if their device uses as little electricity as possible. If I need to spend that much electricity to power my $600 device, then so be it. Why don't they focus on things that are really harming our environment, like fossil fuels?

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