Eurogamer: Sid Meier's Civilization V Preview

Eurogamer: When Civilization IV came out - and I'm using the z spelling with the same counter-intuitive courtesy that allows me to refer to drag acts using "she" - it was difficult to say, "Hey! Everyone! This is the big new thing that makes Civ IV the one game in the series that'll make you guff up your lungs, in a way none of the others previously did!"

There was religion, but Civ's a balanced and even-handed affair, so religions were slotted neatly into the tech tree. Moreover, like political systems, each one was a viable gameplay option. And not, as a petty-minded athiest like me was hoping for, an inexorable mental journey from storm-worship to rocket-fuelled godlessness.

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Cat3146d ago

Can't wait!! I'm glad we're finally moving to hexagons, and the stack-blocking and limited resource changes just make the game smarter.

Gish3146d ago

Still pisses me off when my gunship gets taken down by spearmen...

Cat3146d ago

I guess we have to figure that if it's the 20th century and that civ is still using spears, they have to be pretty darn effective? :P

Gish3146d ago

Touche! might be laser guided!

STONEY43146d ago

Once my tank was beaten by warriors. Makes NO sense whatsoever.