Why not spend your money on an iPhone? Try these reasons

For those of you who find yourself or a loved one drooling over Stephen Jobs' latest piece of slickly addictive technology, here, based on the experiences of reporters who have been playing with the iPhone in recent weeks, is something that might prove to be a useful temporary cure - some reasons not to run out and purchase this very expensive toy right now.

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PS360PCROCKS4216d ago

THANK YOU! This phone is CRAP! Thank god someone said it...

Crazyglues4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

it's not that bad a phone, as much as the service...

I was hoping apple would change the industry and do something revolutionary like a $5 dollars a month plan.. now that would be a phone to die for.

DrPirate4216d ago

I agree, this phone is crap.

It lacks several fundamental features. It's good for business men though, I don't see it going widespread ala Ipod.

Yo Mama4216d ago

This coming from someone who thinks the 360 "rocks"? Haha. I bet you haven't even held an iPhone, much less own one.

PS360PCROCKS4216d ago

I won't even stoop to the level of someone who's name is "yo mama" so gimme a break. I don't need to defend my name or the 360 as it is a cool machine, just like my PS3 is, and I'm not some nerd who cares. Lastly, I don't need to hold an iphone to know it's will sell simply by name Why don't you take a second to look at the specs and than the specs of other phones and you will see this phone is indeed lacking in several ways.

artman4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

I can't say iphone is the best, yet it's offering us something new, new tech with multi touch technology, well my friend ... technology is expensive... that's why ps3, iphone, mac is put on expensive category.

If you can't afford it... just deal with it... no need to bash it. I had most pda phones... from PALM to WINDOWS MOBILE (since 2003-06) get this... it's all sux! I was excited when windows release the first mobile OS for pda... but again... it still have the old tradition of windows... which is... "hang" BOD or I can say Red Light for 360.
Now tell me... if you pay a good money for the product? even it is cheapper.. but it doesn't match the cost i believe.

just work, earn more money.. and enjoy your life.
buy what you can buy... no need complain and nagging mister~

For pda phone I can say PALM is the most reliable one, but lack of compatibility ... symbian is also good... but somehow it's pretty slow for some phone... windows... looks good.. but it's always not reliable.

now I'm looking forward to get iphone... waiting for 3G version to release in asia.

but with 8 hours talk time... I never had that kind of battery for phone to be able to talk that long.

Texas GMR4216d ago

...How can they make a phone where the battery doesn't come out? Do they expect you to put your life or BUSINESS on hold a few days while they change out the battery! That's nuts!

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the_round_peg4216d ago

and I saw the price for iPhone, which makes PS3 look like one hell of a bargain.

Satanas4216d ago

"There is no iPhone discount. You'll be paying $500 or $600 for the phone plus a total anywhere from $1440 to $2400 in monthly charges for service over the next two years."

I had no interest in the iPhone before, but now I see why people bash it so much.

Torch4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

how people break out the torches and pitchforks when mentioning the PS3's price (which is arguably an absolute bargain, all things considered), yet don't even flinch to scramble for their wallet to buy the newest item that's got an Apple logo on it.

Seemingly the sky's the limit when it comes to purchasing a ticket to ride Mr. Jobs' Hype Train.

Go figure.



the_round_peg4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Like Scientology, it costs $$$ to stay in the cult.

OT1 = Mac = $1500+
OT2 = iBook/MacBook = another $1500+
OT3 = iPod = $200+
OT4 = iPhone = $500+

Apple fanboys set the bar for extreme fanboyism.

Rhezin4216d ago

not werth 600 bones, I'd buy a George Foreman grill (ps3) for that price.

Meus Renaissance4216d ago

The Technology aspect of this website is meant to be related to gaming ONLY. Why is this crap always approved?

What is going to be approved next, the latest calculator?

JasonXE4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

the ical!! It's a texas instrument calculator that can play music, videos, and surf the web for today math professor on the go. E doesn't equal mc2 anymore, its now i=mc2, its the new thing now...

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