Week recap: PS3 green; Xbox 360 sales fall; Wii plunge this week discounted Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 Sixaxis wireless controller to $39. The savings represents a discount of 20 percent off the MSRP.

Sales for the PS3 stayed green in Japan this week in the latest hardware tally. In addition, the PS3 held three software titles in the top 50 game sales for the week.

Sony Style stores in the U.S. have begun offering a free $50 gift card with purchase of a PS3 and two $59 games. The offer is the latest promotion to spur hardware sales.

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power of Green 4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

PS3's getting slaughtered! why dig for these niche spikes and twitches in sales, these flukes are not reflective of any real trend change. lol

Up and down back and forth, No point chasing them.

Jeremy Gerard4129d ago

yeah, i have to agree with you here

toughNAME4129d ago

i love how everyone diagrees with you....but no 1 replies cuz they know your right

Thugbot1874129d ago

I agree. It's not like we didn't know the 360 was doing poorly in Japan.

XxZxX4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

toughName, That's a nice way to spin it to go your way but it can be ust nobody want to waste their energy on replying a BS anyway. Wasn't that hard to figure it out. I wasn't going to but I want to point out to those mentalily slow.

darkdoom30004129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

hmp, stop hating the ps3 so much!!!
yes the ps3 isnt doing too good, but it isnt dead!,

hopefully home of KZ2 will change peoples mindz!

go PS3!!

Edit: oh bother, looks like posting opions(im a ps3 FAN ) in this pop bubbles...
I had 5 now i hav 4...

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original seed4129d ago

So i expect Xbox sales to fall but what the hell does "green" mean.

boi4129d ago

green mean the PS3 is on weed(high) im guessing lol

gd news for ps3...1nce games starting to come thats wen ps3 well sell a lil by lil but when the price do fall thats when it starts to roll

ArduousAndy4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Dude Japan is no longer a leader when it comes to game sales. They are roughly 15% of the market now.

The numbers we really need to see are North America (which I believe includes Canada)as well as Europe.

Saying that Ps3 is selling like crazy in Japan is rather eh.

Im not saying this as a fanboy of any system. Im just stating that Japan's sales are not something to go crazy over.

Now if Xbox 360 outsold the Nintendo DS in japan THATS news.

@those that disagreed with me.... Why? Its been stated that Japan is 15% of video game sales world wide.

Crotin4129d ago

The Wii and DS is selling better than the 360 and PS3 in Japan and now has a larger market share. I would give more credit to Japan than just 15%...Nintendo is selling like hotcakes there. Most consoles that take over the top spot do so because they own Japan...the 360 is doing well single handedly everywhere else but Japan, but people don't have much bias when it comes to Playstation and Nintendo so I think Japan has a big role in how the market share goes.

power of Green 4129d ago

Once the games start coming what!?, the PS3 will finally stop heading towards Neo-Geo status leveling off as a console finnally not dieing but is now able to start competing instead of trying to keep its head above water.

MADGameR4129d ago

This is actually GREAT news! Considering the PS3 is THE most expensive console in history. So I would'nt say PS3 is getting slaughtered. PS3 outselling the 360 and the Wii in Austrilia is OVER slaughter considering the PS3's price. So if the PS3 is still selling, then MS has to worry. And if the PS3 outsells the 360 AND the Wii world wide, it will be the BIGGEST upset in history of gaming! SONY will be legendary. If the PS3 is selling 100s of thousands a month or even over 50,000 a month, truth is, it is doing GREAT! Its the price tag that some people wine about. But you have to understand, the PS3 has all that 360 DOES NOT in 1 package. The 360 alone is $400 ALONE without adding tax. Now if you add in the HDDVD add on its another $200! Thats ALREADY the price of the PS3 and you don't even HAVE Wifi. For the X box 360 you HAVE to use their headset! Also just to add wifi is even MORE money. So the price with the 360, the HD-DVD add on and the Wifi is over $700. For PS3, you can use the PS2 headset. So really think about it people! And people, do NOT say that PS3 has no games. You guys compare it wrong. You're comparing X Box 360 over a year to PS3 which has JUST begun in 7 and a half months. Compare the 360 to how it was when it was AT the time the PS3 is at now! Games take TIME! TRUTH is PS3 had the best launch titles.

Thugbot1874129d ago

Please go back and re-read the article about Australia Nintendo came out and debunked that whole thing. Japan doesn’t matter because Sony’s sales there aren’t enough to offset worldwide sales. They are lucky they are doing dissent in Japan otherwise Sony would be getting leveled.

Australia’s game market is so small it’s not even wroth mentioning, no better than saying in Kazastand the PS3 is taking the market. Surprise I’m even wasting my time posting this…


When the games start coming, thats when the 360 will start looking last Gen!!!

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