Toshiba and Microsoft remind us of what HD DVD can do (and what Blu-Ray can't)

Kevin Collins of Microsoft is the cheif evangelist of HD DVD, and here he talks about three things that, in combination, he says make HD DVD better than Blu-Ray...

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sack4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Why would anyone buy HD stuff that give you 1080i.

ironwolf4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Maybe because that's the resolution of most sets that do 1080.

Both of mine max out at 1080i. Gorgeous pictures on both.

Edit: I would also point out that broadcast HD is at 1080i or 720p. 1080p requires too much bandwidth. The HD standards were defined and set about 20 years ago.

ben hates you4153d ago

and thats beside the fact that the diffrence between 1080i and 1080p is that 1080p does better with frame rates, but this is really mostly noticable on tv's larger then 40", and each are 1920x1080

TheMART4153d ago

Because 99% of all HDTV's/LCD's sold in Europe at least and those that are still sold are 720p/1080i ones.

I can buy a 720p 32 inch Samsung for about 650 Euro (new model), a 42 inch 1080p Samsung is about 1700 Euro. Now there you go. Most people still buy 720p

ITR4153d ago

Stores like Wal-Mart and Target currently only sell 720p/1080i HD TV's.

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paracardium4153d ago

lol who the hell wants to that with movies. I watch them then put them away and don't care about features.

Mikey_Gee4153d ago

HD-DVD wins ....... FINE !!

BR Wins ...... FINE !!

I really don't care anymore who wins and who doesn't. All I really want is for "The Industry" to just fricken pick one so I can start my HD movie collection.

"The Industry" says they are waiting for the consumers to decide and crown a winner, but most of us are holding off waiting for THEM to just pick one for christ sake !!

Bordel_19004153d ago

MS is pushing PiP like it's something special.

I for one like to watch a movie, best quality possible sound and picture.

PiP is just a nice feature, probably be a part of Blu-ray at some point too. No biggy, I hardly ever watch the bonus material anyway.

Omegasyde4152d ago

I agree, I don't care either. The only thing I would care about is that the extra content/deleted scenes are included in the movie watching.

But then again, extra content doesn't sell movies. Movies sell movies, i.e. the company with the most spades in thier deck.

PS3n3604153d ago

If you are a videophile and you want the best features you go with hddvd. Cmon gimme a break why are Bluray PS3 fanboys always saying they dont want the features that their products lack. Why buy a movie if your going to watch it once and put it away. That is just plain stupid. At the end of the day the picture and sound is the same on both formats so what makes one better than the other? FEATURES! and HDDVD owns bluray in that regard. I for one only buy movies that have extra features if i am not interested in that then I rent it. These formats are going to be adopted primarily by movie buffs. Think about it.

sfinXters4153d ago

Videophiles won't go with HD-DVD because BR has better quality.

Video and audiophile communities go with the best quality and generally don't give a damn about on-line bonus features or the price of equipment/content.

xbox360migs4153d ago

you are wrong, HD DVD and Blu-Ray have the same Quality but.... on earlier releases Blu-ray was actually inferior and now has caught up! check it out! The DVD forum had the standardization sorted from HD DVD's release but the same can not be said for Blu-ray, I wonder how many earlier Blu-ray stand alone adopters will be slightly annoyed to find their players will be obsolete when it comes to running Blu-Rays new interactive features maybe coming up soon whilst they play catch up to HD DVD. HD DVD actually is having the effect of making the Blu-ray companies improve their products. The competition is good from that aspect!

Omegasyde4152d ago

uh early blue ray players won't be obsolete Mr. I hateSony. That was just a rumor by some HD DVD people.

Old players won't be able to run some extra content i.e.
Internet connection or new video channels due to ...........THE player Can't get on the INTERNET because it lacks the ability to.

The same goes for HDDVD players as well...
Hd-dvd/blu ray players back then and now will play all thier format's movies!


xbox360migs4152d ago

Look!!! That is what I meant my obsolete, their was no standard set so early Blu-ray players do not support: ie internet connection and HD DVD players do and did when released. So if you want these extra features on Blu-ray and you have one of those old players...guess what! you shall have to buy a new player.


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