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pangitkqb4718d ago

I have a gaming desktop but Mac Laptop. Can't wait to take my PC gaming mobile!

Thank you, Valve! Steam is a great service and availability on Mac is gonna be a true service to gamers on Macs everywhere.

Blaze9294718d ago

whoa whoa whoa...there are gamers yet alone GAMES on Macs? News break!!!!

kwyjibo4718d ago

It's pretty awesome that anyone with the Windows version of the games can just grab the Mac equivalent from Steam without needing to buy a new version.

It'll finally give Mac guys something to play other than WoW. I'm sure they'll love Portal.

jamesgtaiv4718d ago

Steam is one of the very few services I have no problem at all paying for. Im glad to see theyre going towards macs. Steam has really helped me get into pc gaming, mainly because its extremely easy to use. Another plus is that its a free service (except when buying games of course). I really thing steam is the first step to making pc gaming as popular as it used to be.

Killjoy30004718d ago

I have a Mac Book Pro and have been looking for a great platform to buy worthwhile games. My respect for Valve has gone up quite a bit. Now all they need to do is admit they were wrong about PS3 and release all of their franchises on Mac and PS3.

beardpapa4718d ago

It's nice that Valve is bringing their selection to Macs, but it's not like Macs never had any games or rarely had any ever. Even when there are PC games that just aren't available to Macs, the community is there and have brought those games over. Fallout 3, Borderlands, Test Drive Unlimited, Pure, Burnout, Oblivion, Torchlight, Dawn of Discovery, Settlers, Dragon Age, Mass Effect... all have been brought to the Mac community awhile back thanks to people who were determined to make them work using cider, cxz, or wineskin.

Of course, it's not technically kosher since the games end up running off the harddrive (like noDVD cracks), but if you have the PC game on dvd you could install it into the wrapper yourself using wineskin or crossover. You just need to download the wrapper those guys made.

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Letros4718d ago

Good for Valve, good for Macs.

Monkey5214718d ago

Now I don't have to boot up my Windows partition to play my games! Yay for Valve!

Dev8 ing4718d ago

One step closer to linux support.

jamesgtaiv4718d ago

Ill drop Microsoft like its yesterdays paper. Greedy ass hats. Linux would be great though.

tdrules4718d ago

Wow for once N4G you've surprised me.

This is good news, now I won't feel guilty when I get a Macbook for college

Snowb4204718d ago

Strange how you have to bring up PS3 gamers in an article that has nothing to do with PS3 what so ever.

On topic: Good news for mac owners.

BattleAxe4718d ago

Your wish is my command! I guess I'll take the time now to tell you how boring HL2 is. I played it for the first time last week, and for this to be called one of the greatest games ever by PC gamers is laughable.

Valve is way way over rated....

da305kratos4718d ago

You my friend, are got to remember a few things. For its time, which was several years ago, Half Life 2 looked very good in the graphics department. Also if you played one and continue on to two you see how things progress. The gameplay itself is a smooth, the change of scenery, the puzzles, it has many things to offer. I suggest playing it on PC with the Cinematic Mod 10. Its a difference.

dkgshiz4718d ago

Very good news. Maybe they will have linux support someday?

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