Devil May Cry Anime on the Way

In less than two weeks, anime distributor ADV Films has gobbled up two significant games-to-anime licenses. Last week, IGN broke the news that the anime juggernaut was bringing Xenosaga stateside. Today at Anime Expo, the company announced that they will be importing another licensed anime dear to gamers' hearts, the Capcom mega-hit Devil May Cry.

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gaffyh4127d ago

Kinda obvious that it would be licensed for US because it is a anime based on a game. The 2nd episode was pretty good, the 1st one was a bit boring.

KoolMan4127d ago

keep up the good work and make it a big series of anime on dvd or bluerey

HeartlesskizZ4127d ago

why would u say something like that, atleast say "in my opinion" or something like that, Naruto does not sucks and I got high hopes for this series

the_round_peg4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Some video games that are based on anime or movies are good. (e.g., GoldenEye, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay)

On the other hand, anime and movies based on games always suck.

jpod4127d ago

So far anime based on video games haven't been so good. I hear Blue Dragon is good but just don't compare it to the game because the story differs for both. I liked the direction Devil May Cry was heading towards, I just hope they don't ruin it. So far so good for DMC anime.

ChaosKnight4127d ago

No more fansubbing unless the fansubber is not located in North America >_< But video game animes are a mix... there have been only a couple, like Tales of Symphonia has started off good, Blue Dragon was a bit bland, Tales of Eternia I liked, Gungrave was actually decent, Zone of Enders I liked! But yea, there are mostly poorly made video game animes, such as.. Megaman, Sonic, Xenosaga, Star Ocean, Wild Arms, Pokemon (sigh), Final Fantasy Unlimited, Viewtiful Joe and So on...

Oh well, hopefully I get this series for review =D ADV seems to be picking up alot of cool anime lately ;)