Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Preview

here's something quite delicious about the way the PSP has managed to take a series that died an horrific death on the PS2 and make it work on a system with fewer buttons. Syphon Filter: Omega Strain, was a pig, while Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is one of the PSP's greatest titles.

So does Sony take what they've learned from making a superior game on a smaller machine and finally give PS2 owners the Gabe Logan adventure they've been thirsting after? There are, after all, many million more PS2 than PSP owners and therefore a much larger potential user base. Nope, Logan's Shadow is only available for the PSP making it the only series to move there, stay and improve.

As you would expect, Logan's Shadow keeps much of what made Dark Mirror such an excellent stealth adventure-come-multiplayer-tactical-slayer and includes all the gadgets and weapons that fans will know and love...

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