Forza Motorsport 2 trailer

Microsoft today released a new trailer for Forza Motorsport 2, showing some more of all the customizations you can do. It all looks impressive of course, and I can't wait for the first gameplay footage.

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TheMART5410d ago

And now gimme that trailer on marketplace to view in HD on my 360 and the big ass HD TV :)

DC RID3R5410d ago

you know that bro!!! From the trailer, this game looks really promising!!

TheMART5408d ago

Yup, it's a sort of sleeping Christmas system seller hit besides everone talking about the best game of this year Gears of War.

I bet the people that don't like FPS will get this one with a 360 instead. And for me I will have Gears of War and Forza 2 :)

TheMART5410d ago

Yup, this is the partly sleeping title that will sell systems. I mean Gears of War will be mainstream system seller while the PS lacks real competition @ Christmas compared to these big guns.

But Forza will be there for all those race fans. I mean for Christmas, this is the great line up: shooting Gears of War sells systems like hot dogs in a hungry crowd --> PS well urm no Killzone 2 so people run over to the 360 stand.

Racing: Forza selling systems to all those racefans that want to race. No GT4 smugged up PS2 version that's not even there @ Christmas.

Imagine that. People that want to game this holiday season. They'll buy a 360 with one of these games

BIadestarX5409d ago

I'm sure Sony fan will probably flame me for saying this but, if this game looks as good and allows players to customize their cars as much as it seems, than GT looks like child's play.

TheMART5408d ago

It is actually, GT4 HD smugged up PS2 version has to compete with this next gen racer. That's one battle lost again for Sony

GTProwler5409d ago

the last time i play a GT game was part 2 when i got beat by my lil brother who didnt drive the car all he did was hold the accelerate button and let the walls turn for him, mean while i stayed on course, plus its 2006 they should've had damage by now.

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The story is too old to be commented.