ThreeSpeech respond to charges of "censoring" responses

After being accused of censoring bloggers replies on their website, Threespeeh clarify their position on their site moderation:

"To clarify on the subject of Three Speech's policy to moderating responses…

Comments await moderation unless the comment's author has a previously approved comment on Three Speech. A comment is also held in the queue if it contains more than two links.

If you don't meet with the criteria above, when you post your comment, you will nonetheless see it live on the site - and yes, you will be able to take a screengrab of it! Other people will not, however, see it until it is approved.

Thanks for reading."

Indeed, disallowing ThreeSpeech to moderate this site in this way would be censoring them, so hopefully it has been made clear how Threespeech's moderation works and charges of "censoring free speech" will be dropped.

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