Heavenly Sword: Jeuxvideo interview Nina Christensen

French website Jeuxvideo interview Nina Christensen:

In addition to being cofounder of Ninja Theory, Nina is also a chief of the development of this studio. She thus completely supervised Heavenly Sword and sat down a few moments with Jeuxvideo to speak about it.

"Which various kinds of enemies the players face?

Nina Christensen: There an enormous variety. That goes from the basic soldier to the very powerful ninja. The latter are really very difficult to overcome and it is necessary to draw the best from the capacities of Nariko to leave itself there. There is also of the boss. Precisely, there are four boss whose most powerful last and is of course King Bohan..."

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techie4180d ago

Yes it is translated by google translator. What's your point? It does a very good job and you can easily make out what is being said.

cr33ping_death4180d ago

did you copy and paste from the other article? lol . just messin with ya....good finds.

Crazyglues4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I knew something was up, because I remember seeing this lady playing the demo and thinking who is she, why did they get her to demo it, she didn't seem that good at playing the game?

But it all makes sense now she's the co-founder of Ninja Theory, and chief of the development studio. That's why.

I personally would much rather watch Jade Raymond play, but if we can't have her I guess the co-founder of the company is always a good choice, but maybe they should have told us who she was, so that way I wouldn't have been so hard on her game play.