Heavenly Sword: Jeuxvideo interview Andy Serkis and Tameem Antoniades

At Sony's London event, French website Jeuxvideo had a few minutes with Andy Serkis and Tameem Antoniades (one of the cofounders of Ninja Theory). As for Mr. Serkis, he appeared in the saga "the Lord of the Rings" as Gollum, and King Kong in..."King Kong".

But all these considerations for film enthusiasts must be forgotten and instead lets turn to the game Heavenly Sword...

"Can you tell us how you and Andy made contact Tameem?

Tameem Antoniades: I looked at the no-claims bonus of the DVD of the Lord of the Rings and by seeing Andy playing Gollum, I said myself: "So, if only one could find somebody who can produce such a performance in videogames, it would be a revolution.". A few times later, my brother calls me. He is a real-estate agent and he announces to me that he will conclude a sale with Andy. Then I manage to give him an extract of the play to show Andy at the time of the signature of the contract. That's pretty much how it started..."

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