Joystiq interview: Heavenly Sword's Nina Kristensen

Joystiq caught up with Chief Development Ninja Nina Kristensen inbetween sword fights and developing video games at Ninja Theory, and managed to get some skinny on the upcoming PlayStation 3 ubertitle Heavenly Sword.

She lets Joystiq know all about their influences on the look and style, some of the sexy Nariko's backstory, gives the definitive answer on multiplayer, and what games they play around the office whenever they're lucky enough to find some free time.

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aggh im on fire4127d ago

I was really looking forward to Heavenly Sword earlier in the year but the more i see and read about it the more im put off.
The latest videos show the A.I to be poor and the gameplay looks repetative. The graphics look fantastic but i wish they had a bit more exploration and things to do in it. I just expected a bit more from it than a visual update of DMC.

techie4127d ago

Wiat for e3 lad when you can fight 1500 enemies, unlike DMC's 15.

quiddd4127d ago

I would assume it looks repetitive cause they only released 10-20 minutes of gameplay footage.

I guess maybe you saw the whole game though. It may be just me but I believe it might be bad business sense to show the whole game before release.

gunnerforlife4127d ago

i cant wait for this game it looks like god of war meets devil may cry so thats cool and i never got the chance to play god of war so this should make up for it:D

Vojkan4127d ago

This is 2 days old article. On nexy 1UPyour podcast, Shawn is going to talk about HS.Wright now he is playing through 15 levels of the game, but he can't speak yet about his impressions until Next Friday.

Shaka2K64127d ago = garbage.
nuff said.