More Map Packs to Come

With the addition on Insomniacs much anticipated map pack and global server update for Resistance: Fall of Man, many Resistance players have been left with a question, "are there more map packs to come?" The reason for this question is that with the new update, Insomniac has left the door wide open to easily add additional maps/add ons. The addition of an in game purchase button which shows Map Pack 1 (yes numerical as if there are 2,3...more to come) with lots of additional space below. If that wasn't convincing enough, the addition to the player stats page, a list of the map pack(s) that that player has purchased, with again lots of additional space below for upcoming maps/add ons.

The real question is, will Insomniac be able to maintain its supremacy with its blockbuster FPS with adding on additional content through the upcoming months with so many highly anticipated releases coming out? Only time will tell.

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btkadams4181d ago

obviously they will be adding another map pack. but if they're adding more than one, ill be POed if they charge 9 bucks still. ill only pay 9 bucks each for more map packs if they include more than just 2 maps each. and where the hell are the weapon packs?

Blasphemy4181d ago

Well they said that this would be the last map pack that they were doing so chances of another one happening are slim.

Satanas4180d ago

It's weird though, since they called it "Map Pack 1"

Which is why there's all the speculation.

Omegasyde4180d ago

You could be right since the same team is working on the new Ratchet and clank...But then again, they also said they envisioned more content in the future on a past podcast.

Insomniac also does fully support it's online play like MS does with XBL. If SCEA(Sony) takes over the support like they did for all the Socom games......

Kiss the map packs goodbye, as well as patches.

San anto4180d ago

id like a new wep update. would be really kool to have backlash grenade but for online take away its projectile reflection capability and just have it block them.

mikeslemonade4180d ago

Most of us will be playing Resistance until Warhawk comes out, so charging for new maps is a great idea by Insominac because there's really no exclusive online shooter out there.

I think the 7.99 price tag is justified. I got my map from someone else who sent the game to 3 other people already. It's likely the average person is going to send game files to atleast one other person anyway, so the map pack is really 3.99 or less.

Delive4180d ago

Socom 3 added a map pack and had plenty of room to add more on the list, but there is only 1 to this date.My guess is that sales were poor and they decided to focus elsewhere. I know this is a different company all together, but the idea is the same. If alot of people don't get the map pack, they may feel that they wasted their time. User created maps are where it is at. People make maps all the time only to share them without and concern for money coming in.

And will R:Fom loose steam this fall? Oh yes. there will be about a 70% drop off once more options become available (My guess). and yes,m I own the game.

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