New Crysis 2 PC Scans Put Consoles To Shame

Last month, we brought you some awesome Cysis 2 PS3 scans, now directly from PC Gamer Magazine, these new Crysis 2 PC screens will blow you away.

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Bereaver4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

Everyone knows that I love my ps3.

And anyone tells me that the PC is capable of better graphics, do you know what I'll say?

Of course.

I mean, hell, the ps3 pwns everything console wise, but PC still has the upper hand in graphics if you have the upper hand on your wallet pulling out mad cash.

The ps3 is $300 now,compare that to any system that could run Crysis or any of the new DX11 games at 30 fps or more.


One of the downfalls of the PC is that there are so many differences in people's hardware. So many different versions of the same exact video card by different companies that have their own qwarks and tweaks to go along with it. That's why some people buy something and have nothing because it keeps crashing, where another person with the same card just from a different company has it running at full speed.

Akagi4722d ago

PC is constantly getting new graphics cards, CPUs, Ram, etc. PS3 stays the same, of course it's better.

Model4722d ago

I would buy one of those fermi cards if they didnt friggin cost more than a ps3 !

Letros4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

"The ps3 is $300 now,compare that to any system that could run Crysis or any of the new DX11 games at 30 fps or more."

I think you'd be surprised how capable a budget PC is at 720p resolution.

Cold 20004722d ago

Well why then do PS3 owners always say UC2 is the best looking game ?

They always ignore the PC unless we'll dealing with 360/PC games. Then all of a sudden the PC is OMG so important when it comes to consoles.

cheese4722d ago

Nvidia is overpriced, over hyped. A good card doesn't have to cost more than a console.

rockleex4722d ago

Let's see how capable its graphics are compared to PS3 games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, GT5, Heavy Rain, etc.

ZombieAutopsy4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

why u always on damage control mate??? Just stop caring what other people say about shiat, it just shows how much it actually gets to you when you feel u need to say something like that. Anyone with half a brain knows that PC's can put consoles to shame even with 3 year old graphics cards it all just depends on the game. I also dont think i ever seen anyone say Uc2 was the best looking game ever on all platforms but it does give some a good run for its money even on PC.

Thing is you're not gonna find a PC with a cell processor (like the ps3's) so it'd be kinda hard to get a PC with the same specs.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4722d ago

You're statement is true to some extent.

Its true because a developer's passion and effort in their ideas is the main pusher for graphic design.

However, its false to say anything the PS3 runs CANNOT be done on a PC.

Cold 20004722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

What damage control ? I'm a hardcore console gamer and I hate using a mouse and a keyboard for gaming so I cant care less if the PC has the best games on planet earth.

What I was pointing out was that its okay to say "UC2 is the best looking game on consoles"

But not okay to say "Splinter Cell is exclusive to the 360 on consoles".

Anyways I know nobody will give a good answer as to why.

edit:@below: I guess thats because you got nothing to say.

ZombieAutopsy4722d ago

Whatever (yea thats all im saying).

ludabenza4722d ago

Exactly what I wanted to say. People write these articles as if people are going to be surprised. Everyone already knew that the PC version of Crysis 2 would look better, since its an open-ended platform. Whereas consoles are closed-ended platforms.

ThanatosDMC4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

L4D2, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell:C, and Portal 2 are PC exclusives.

Anyway, i cant wait to see some gameplay vids they better allow mod support and i wonder how multiplayer is going to be...

Cold 20004722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )


UC2 is the best looking games on consoles. True.

Mass Effect 2, L4D2, Splinter Cell C and Portal 2 are exclusive to the 360 on consoles. True.

AKS4722d ago

Why do so many seem to assume that if you are going to game on PC you need the absolute best of the best components and must spend $4000 or more? I had to get a PC for work immediately after I moved because I had lived near my university previously and had just used the computer labs for free. So I had to settle for a $700 budget multimedia PC from Best Buy, which was the last way I would have wanted to acquire a PC but time was a huge issue. I spent a couple hundered buck upgrading (overclocked GPU from HIS and a PSU from Tuniq from newegg and some case fans) it and can run games like Mass Effect 2 with max settings 1080p/ 60 fps and Crysis with mostly Very High settings at 720p with mods. I run almost every game I own at maximum settings other than the Crysis games and Far Cry 2, which wasn't well optimized. Ideally, I'd build my own PC selecting my own parts for an even better value.

I enjoy my consoles as well, but it's a myth that a decent gaming PC has to cost several thousand dollars. I can play any game on the market with the PC I described above, and gaming wasn't even something I had in mind when I bought that PC. I just needed a computer for work immediately.

morganfell4722d ago

The problem is Crytek doesn't understand marketing. This is where guys like Mark rein hand them their business ass on a platter.

The Cryengine 3 Tool suite is great but quite honestly their support has been crap. Post a question on the developers forum and it takes a while to get an answer. For all it's phenomenal ability, how many games used Cryengine. Okay, how many used Cryengine 2?

They have a lot to learn about getting other people to use their tech.

AKS4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )


Crytek hasn't been working extensively on the consoles like Epic, and Cry Engine 3 is relatively new. Epic has been ruling the middleware realm for awhile. I'm not surprised they aren't as seasoned as Epic, as the UE3 seems to be used in every other game this generation. I'm sure they'll improve over time in this area. I'm just glad to see a new engine on the market not because I dislike Epic, because I like the company and their games, but because competition has a positive impact on the quality of products.

TrailerParkSupervisr4722d ago

Is all I spent on my rig and I can run Crysis at "High" settings with consistant FPS around 30-40. And it's a laptop, to boot.

ASUS G72GX Series
6.00 GB RAM
1600 X 900 DISPLAY

Yes, a grand is more than the current console but pretty close to what one had to pay when both systems were first launched. Hell, when the 360 was launched Best Buy made you buy a "bundle" which was the system, 2 games and an extra controller for $800.00 + tax.

Figure all the extras you get with a portable computer. I can play Crysis ANYWHERE in the world.

kalebgray924722d ago

you have to spend at least a thousand or two thousand to not even max it out

nveenio4722d ago

You can't benchmark PC against never could. I remember when my cousin popped the expansion pack into his N64 and was like "WHOA"... Then, I showed him the same game (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron) on my PC (when OpenGL was the shiznit), and he quickly shut his mouth.

Believe me...if they upgraded the video card in the PS3 every 6 months, nothing would touch the PS3 because the Intel i7 doesn't touch the Cell.

ThanatosDMC4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

Na uh!

They're PC exclusives! Consoles dont count! If it's meant to be greatest on the PC, then shoddy lame port to a console doesnt count!

(im terrible at this... seriously, somebody has gotta stop me.)

AKS4722d ago


Why do I need to "max it out" on PC when less than max still looks significantly better than any other version?

jack_burt0n4722d ago

With a little fear of upsetting panda et al, I have an expensive rig I am not blown away by anything its running, yeah stick on crysis and your level of expectation goes way up but that expectation is met by gt5, killzone 2, uncharted 2, ratchet, pacific rift. If you take away the increased rez and texture caches on crysis on a presentation level the ps3 games are superior.

Listen am not bashing I have a decent rig and try out alot of stuff on it although DoW2 and Coh are the games most being run. I love my pc and gutted there is so little dedicated development and not unreal stuff.

And I buy all my PC games (that are not made by activision!)

van-essa4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

To be fair, you'll need an HDTV to achieve the graphical fidelity of even a sh!tty PC game, so that's another $500-$1000 in addition to the $300. And, $800-$1300 can build a PC that sh!ts on any console.

Anyway, we always include the cost of a monitor when we say PCs are more expensive than consoles, but we don't include the price of HDTVs when we talk about current-gen consoles.

Blaster_Master4722d ago

Just cause a game is on the pc maxed out doesnt mean that its a good game. Crysis is one of those games that is a testament of that fact. Sure its pretty, but where is the fun? How bout you pc guys stop acting like we are missing out cause we aren't. Crysis 2 is coming to the ps3, so what if it doesn't look as pretty? Im not buying it because part 1 really didn't do anything for me.

Perjoss4722d ago

One thing that always makes me laugh about some ps3 owners is that they think the ps3 is some kind of high tech piece of hardware from the future. The reality is its pretty old and the gfx card inside is actually quite poor. Yes it is more powerful in some ways than a 360 but not by much. Even flagship titles such as Killzone2 suffer from low resolution textures when you get up close to them.

Bluray is nice but all it does is reduce disc swapping because in the end the ps3 also has tiny RAM compared to a half decent PC. You can put all the high res textures and sound in the world onto a bluray disc but whats the point if the amount that can be displayed at once is quite limited.

PS3 is a lovely machine and it has some really fantastic titles on it, but stop pretending like its the king of the jungle, put a powerful PC next to it and it looks more like a cute kitten.

jack_burt0n4722d ago


32xAA being done by an spu is "future tech" all the in game motion capture routines being handled by spu in uncharted 2 is "future tech".

Alot more "future tech" than nvidia buying physx.

Biggest4722d ago

Put a $1000 console on the market and see how good it is. People cried their eyes out about a $600 console. Most people cry their eyes out about $1000 PCs. And so what if the $3000+ PCs are more advanced than the PS3. I don't see them playing God of War 3. They may be able to do it even better than the PS3. But they won't. And if BluRay was only good because of disk swapping, it wouldn't be here. If Crysis 2 looks incredible AND is a great game. . . Great! If it is a repeat of Crysis, meaning "best looking game" but no one gave a care. . . Screw Crysis 2.

Perjoss4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

"If it is a repeat of Crysis, meaning "best looking game" but no one gave a care"

Crysis got over 90 on meta. Hint: they don't only check the graphics in reviews ;)

ah 32xAA, and how many games have you seen running with that on? please list them below for my viewing pleasure.

rkimoto4722d ago

Why compare PC's to consoles?, it's pretty damn obvious that PC's always will rule consoles on the graphics department. I mean, even when consoles launch their hardware is already outdated.

To PC trolls: Yeah we know PC's are always gonna have the upper hand in graphics and some game play (mouse and keyboard). But having always the latest hardware is not needed, but if that's your way of "measuring your penises" by all means do it, but just leave your condescending at the door.

To console trolls: The PS3 might have the slight edge in console's hardware but developers don't really give a crap in that, they will develop based in a cost-benefit basis, which means that they will bring out the most of the console if it's cost permitting; that's why console's graphics improve over time, but they will never be better than PC's.

Therefore, your pissing contests of "what console has better graphics" is pointless, unlike the last generation of consoles in which there was a clear difference in hardware, multiplatform developers in this generation won't create superior versions of one game versus another. They're just trying not to piss of a fan base over another, and no, the differences in games today is not based on hardware limitations is more about developers incompetence on a specific console's knowledge (Valve, Square Enix, Platinum, et al).

On that note:
"Buh buh buh my ___________ (insert favorite gaming platform) is bettah then yourzzz"

NOBODY CARES, I mean, not in the normal gaming realm. If I play exclusively on a PC sure I could enjoy better performance but I would be missing out on great games on consoles; if I only play a 360 or a PS3 I could be missing out on great games that are better fitted for PC's.

Unless I'm rich and have a lot of free time I could be playing all of them, but since I'm not I have to make the most out of what I have, So why not enjoy that and start having real-worthy-constructive conversations on this site? (which is what I think the founders of this site probably had in mind when they built it).

Perjoss4722d ago

"So why not enjoy that and start having real-worthy-constructive conversations on this site?"

Erm thats what we are doing, thats just how people talk these days, when was the last time you used teh internet? Constructive polite meaningful topics do not generate as much hits as 'mine vs yours' flame wars :)

rkimoto4722d ago

Sorry man, wasn't talking about you, was trying to single out trolls in general.

They just piss me off, I'd always kindly reply to people like you!

iamgoatman4722d ago


"Believe me...if they upgraded the video card in the PS3 every 6 months, nothing would touch the PS3 because the Intel i7 doesn't touch the Cell."

You've got to be kidding right? Even a midrange quadcore CPU runs circles around "The Cell". I wonder if you'll be spouting the same nonsense when Intel/AMD release their 8 core processors later this year, "bu bu bu teh cell!!"

morganfell4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )


Crytek's issues are not platform specific. We are working with CryEngine 3 right now, focused on PC and then moving to PS3. The problems they (Crytek) exhibit are general behavior. And it isn't just us but many developers that post on the dev forum. Inevitable questions wind up being answered by other devs rather than Crytek. One issue we had went two weeks and then the answer that came back was as if it was for a different question.

As regards marketing, they don't understand the process of tailoring. They are learning but they have a long way to go. We worked with U3 (still do) and Epic looks at your title, your usage, expected sales, and bases your engine costs on that. Large licencees and small get the same degree of attention which from Epic is incredibly focused and smart.

At a certain point you have to ask yourself if you can make a better game that isn't quite the leading edge of technology but runs smooth and you were able to include all the mechanics you wanted because there was an efficient and attentive engine support team assisting.

Crytek just says "Here is the cost, pay it or not." They won't be successful without market penetration and to do that they need to tailor costs. In this regard Mark Rein is a genius and is a key reason Epic has been so successful in gain such wide usage. If you call Epic and inquire about a license you get the flat quote. But garner an introduction to Mark and you will not regret it.

Bhai4722d ago

Hah, circle around Cell? in your wet PC dream maybe, its a tested and proven fact, Cell is not only a more than capable CPU, but also doubles as a GPU... the anti-aliasing in god of war 3 is called MLAA(morphological anti-aliasing) which according to PS3-hating community 'digitalfoundry' itself, is known to be equivalent to 16x MSAA, and is done by Cell while RSX is freed to do other post-processing effects.

Now that level of AA is what you get on a very high-end PC while running Crysis... and get me a CPU other than CELL even today on a PC that could do CPU+GPU altogether. If Crysis is so capable, why is there still no interactive water physics, cloth physics and soft-body physics on it??? and fyi, god of war 3's whole titan bodies are based around soft-body collision system.

Its easily a shame for PCs that even if we have to compare them with the highest capable console out there, we have to do it with a PC of 2010 with a console from 2006... such is the power of consoles :)

kevnb4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

the console version is just to make a few extra bucks... I believe the console version will fail badly though. @ Bhai, lol what are you smoking, you do realize anyone can post anything in a blog right? 20 million dollars spent on a game, and killzone 2 is the best the ps3 could do at 720p.

GarandShooter4722d ago

@ Cold

It's not that difficult. You just keep doing your best, or worst as it were to continue to make it an issue. Let me see if I can help you.

'UC2 is the best looking games on consoles. True.'

It's a comparison of like situations, closed platforms.

'Mass Effect 2, L4D2, Splinter Cell C and Portal 2 are exclusive to the 360 on consoles. True.'

Now this is where your logic hits the crapper. Lets try rephrasing.

UC2 requires a PS3 to play. True.

Mass Effect 2 requires a 360 to play. False.

Crysis requires a PC to play. True.

See, it's easy unless you TRY to make it difficult. Enjoy your wordplay games if that makes you happy, but it doesn't change the reality of the situation.

And for the record, I enjoyed playing ME2 on my 360, not my PC.

ico924722d ago

Console's are limited to what the manufacturer has put into it PC's are limited to what the gamer puts into it so its a no brainer. Crysis 2 looks insane tho

Aaroncls74722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )


4Sh0w4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

"New Crysis 2 PC Scans Put Consoles To Shame"

OK, so

I've always known PC has the highest spec's and in terms of visuals the PC is king, if you know anything about videogames arguing otherwise is just foolish.

And still I'll take my 360, PS3, and wii for my kids mostly over PC gaming any day, frankly I just prefer the type of games that are regularly made for consoles, I also prefer friends over on my hdtv in my living room and I never been ashamed about it either.

Neo6044722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

I only play RTS on PC. I don't see my PC as a gaming device much.

unless I like a PC that can run Crissis Max. setting.

nycredude4722d ago

Look at all the haters flock to their new savior, the pc. What's the matter? 360 getting it's as* handed to it left and right and you have nothing to argue with you have to hug your pc? Give me a break. Before it was graphics isn't everything when Ps3 was and is trumping the competition but now graphics is everything because pc has it? You guys really need to take a chill pill and just enjoy gaming a little.

It doesn't matter how good the pc specs are fact is no pc will EVER be able to run any Ps3 exclusives! Anyhow according to the developers crysis on consoles shoudl run like a good pc on medium settings. We'll see soon if it's BS or not. I just hope the game is better than the first one, which was bland, although graphics were great.

presto7174722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

Sure any game is possible on pc, but with only a gaming pc, all I get are pretty much multiplats. Plus fighting games aren't big on pc. And I dont like RTS's. Except starcraft.

No uncharted, no killzone, no resistance, no god of war, no new final fantasy, no demons souls. No Tekken. No Soul Calibur. Hell no. Screw that.

vader12312314722d ago

@ncryedude or whatever your name is...

Are you really that stupid? Ever heard of the new Intel i7 processor? 4 PHYSICAL cores w/ lots of cache.

Your just a blatant fanboy. You don't know anything about computers. Every PS3 game was MADE on computers.

Microsoft Xbox 3604722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

I haven't seen one PS3 fanboy claim the PS3 has better graphics than the PC. I know when I brag about the PS3 graphical prowess I always mention it within the console world only. Cold 2000 is only putting words in our mouth to which we have never once said.

Putting that aside, look at all the 360 fanboys using the PC to one up themselves. When their console fail in the graphics department, they all of a sudden become PC fanboys. :rollseyes:

menoyou4722d ago

Not seeing gameplay in those images. Even if there's gameplay, it's probably doctored like the pics that floated around on the net of Crysis 1. Anyone who played the actual games knows it's not as great as the screens make you believe.

evrfighter4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

"Find me a PC with PS3's specs..."

no matter how you try and spin it.

In the end there's a reason super heavyweights don't fight against super lightweights.

It's not the pc's fault the ps3 can't compete lol

The cell is awesome! if you're while you're doing that Imma be playing games. I just got done playing the gow3 demo and I noticed something unusual. Surely you're able to control camera view in the full game right?

badz1494722d ago

with a monster of a PC, Crysis series will look like no other game will ever be for years to come, NOW! why even bother making such a statement when this is already known? Stupid? or just hungry for hits? I think it's both!

and for those who are saying Core i7 is more powerful than the CELL BE, you gotta be kidding! no other CPU does GPU task better than the CELL BE! the awesome graphic on PC are always resulted by good GFX card, not the CPU! if you don't trust me, try running any recent games on a laptop or PC with integrated graphic chip! - your games will crawl even at 720p with only the CPU handling all the processing needed! so much for more powerful ha?

Letros4722d ago

"and for those who are saying Core i7 is more powerful than the CELL BE, you gotta be kidding!"

So a processor with three times the transistor count, operating at a higher frequency is inferior to the you know anything about Moore's Law?

sid4gamerfreak4721d ago

obviously the pc graphics put the consoles to shame. Why would there even be a debate on that? The PC is TWO generations ahead of the consoles, almost all pc games look better than consoles.

And u dont need a monter pc to play crysis btw. My 700 dollar pc with nvidia 8800gtx plays it fine, much Better than a console.


tinybigman4721d ago

as i find gaming on a PC very uncomfortable for me; but ANYONE and i mean ANYONE with common sense could or would tell you that PCs will always have the upper hand when it comes to graphics.

i can't understand why this articles title had to be worded the way it was. god i wish these narrow minded people would stop this flame war sh*t.

on topic
i gotta say this game is looking absolutely fantastic at this point can't wait to see the final build when its released.

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GR8 14722d ago

Alan Wake looks like a DX12 game it blows both PC and PS3 and that's a FACT.

ScarT4722d ago


Looking at your 1 bubble, i don't even think you are sarcastic.

BadTaste4722d ago

Uhm that Alan Wake Screenshot is 4-5 years old.

arny4722d ago

funniest crap ive heard in a while

ELite_Ghost4722d ago

god y don't u have 0 bubbles lol....
soo fwcking retarded its hilarious ROFL

God_Of_Epicness4722d ago


Do me and all of us a favor and jump off a building right now. That would be so epic! Then we can all have a peaceful N4G.

Until BUNGIE creates another account that is.

Major Kanimo4722d ago

ps3 fanboys can take over n4g when bungie is gone?

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JsonHenry4722d ago

It is good to be a top end PC gamer. It is also good to have more money than others to afford it!

You get what you pay for, usually. And in this case it is (much) better graphics!

Hopefully Onlive takes off so even lower income gamers can still experience the best.

BannedForNineYears4722d ago

I say you need a $800+ gaming machine to run Crysis. -_-

Arnon4722d ago

I'd say you need a $600 PC to play Crysis on Very High. You get what you pay for :x

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4722d ago

The unsung hero for FPS games this generation and the PC gamers' justification for their 1000+ gaming rig...

PotNoodle4722d ago

Part of the joy of PC gaming is the tweaking of your pc's, upgrading and getting games to run the absolute best, beyond what the game developers expect.

Crysis isn't really regarded as a great game in itself, but its one of those games we love to test our PC's out on when we make new tweaks, because every little performance improvement is visible on that game. So no, we don't use crysis to justify anything, we don't use anything to justify the cost we pay, because we don't need to, we enjoy doing it, so why should we listen to the console fanboys?

We know we can buy a console for cheaper, and infact many of us own consoles too for the exclusive games, but just because they're cheaper doesn't make them better, and the pro's of owning a powerful PC extend far beyond just gaming. I can use my PC for anything, and it will do it well.

But still, the point remains - if we can, why not? We get better:

Control options
Modding communities

And the ability to do whatever we want while we play those games. Like i said though, i'm not against consoles, and do enjoy them - just the way some of you lot defend them is pathetic.

wicko4722d ago

Hmm and how much did it costs for your big home theatre system? It seems that whenever people compare PC to console, they bring up the point "well I can sit back on my couch and play games on a big TV", but for some reason they seem to forget that this big TV also costs a lot of money, making that 300 dollar purchase into a 1000+ dollar purchase.

Seriously though, if you spend 1000+ on a PC, you are in a minority that has to have all the overkill parts. You can easily spend much less and get a PC capable of maxing Crysis out and any other game on the market.

FireJackal4722d ago

Here's the funny part about these console exclusives:You don't need a high end PC to play those.
A 3 years old PC can easily play ME2,L4D2 and many other.
And i still think that is better to pay a little more on a good PC where you can play most of X360 exclusive games(with better graphics) and many other games than to pay for 300$ for a handful of real excluvises.

jack_burt0n4722d ago


you know for me thats the best aspect and worst at the same time sometimes i have spent more time tweaking than playing lol thats normally what makes me just get a gpu that whaks the fps into next year so i stop messing with it.

Perjoss4722d ago

You can say what you like about Crysis, its still the best looking video game in history, not speaking from an artistic point of view, because you can justly argue that Okami on the PStwo or Muramasa on the Wii are better looking. But technically.

I won't use the term photorealism because we are not quite there yet but when it comes to closely recreating what we see with our eyes (when we are not looking at a computer screen) both in terms of lighting and textures Crysis is seccond to none.

Console devs are always finding new ways to cheat the system, like cheap ways to recreate anti aliasing, motion blur, depth of field and ambient occlusion effects etc. Or making things look like they have a very high poly count by using stuff like normal and paralax mapping... but guess what, the PC can do all that standardly, no need to 'cheat'.