Conan Developer Q&A Plus New Screens

THQ's upcoming game based on the world's most recognized barbarian (apologies to Thundarr) is set to slash its way into stores this fall. GameSpot is expecting to get a look at the game at next month's E3 Media and Business Summit, but, hungry for information, they recently tracked down Nihilistic's lead gameplay programmer, Mark Cooke, and hit him with some questions.

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MK_Red4129d ago

I still think graphics are rather weak but these new shots are at least kool and a bit better than older ones. Even as it is, its a bloody action game that I want to try. Its Conan The Barbarian!

Rhezin4129d ago

hell myeash this game looks freekin schwing I'm gonna wait for this one rather than Two Worlds...yuck.


I thought this game looked like crap, then I realized they were trying an almost cell shaded look to Frank Frazetta's art work, The New video looks better too.

Hopefully they will keep tweaking the graphics and gameplay to make this a decent game. I would love playing this game. Conan is the ish.

Does anyone know if this is a PS3 exclusive ?