Exclusive: Final Half-Life 2 Orange Box Art

Remember the old ugly box cover?

At that time, TeamXbox were like "who designed this? an intern?"

Either that wasn't the final design or your cries were heard at Valve and EA offices. TeamXbox have received the final box art of the Xbox 360 version of the Orange Box and they're happy to report it has changed a LOT since the last time they saw it. Image after the jump.

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Rhezin4130d ago

The light green of the 360 game cases goes well with the cover of the orange box.

PS360PCROCKS4130d ago

wow this is actually going to come out sometime huh? delay delay delay

funkysolo4130d ago

Does anyone know if Half Life 1 is included in this package and if yes is it gettting a facelift

The_Firestarter4130d ago

It might have HL1, and if it does, there's only a minor "facelift."

Charlie26884130d ago

I hardly doubt it has HL1 (does it say on the box HL1? NO) this is the HL2 related package not the Half Life collection console flavor...if they would be including HL1 they probably would have said so like a LONG time ago

the "facelift" for HL1 is Black Mesa Source a mod created for the PC by a group of fans

zonetrooper54130d ago

The box art looks great, getting this for the PC. Its gonna be better on the PC than consoles.

The_Firestarter4130d ago

I'm with you 100% on that. ^__^

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The story is too old to be commented.