Gametrailers Final Fantasy 13 Video Review

Has Final Fantasy XIII emerged a failed experiment, or does it represent a bold new direction for Japanese RPGs? Find out in the official GameTrailers review of Final Fantasy XIII.

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Will-UK4720d ago

The same score again dont get me wrong i dont think the 360 version should get a a rly low score however i thought they might take 0.5 off or somethin.

lol none of these websites are going to give the 360 version a lower score

TOO PAWNED4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Did you really expect any usa site to give lower score to 360? Where have you been in last 5 years?
I wrote on my twitter, few hours before these reviews were released, saying "no USA sites are mentioning how much worse 360 version is".
I guess they have to do everything in their power to keep 360 numbers up there. pathetic, almost makes me stop visiting gaming sites.

himdeel4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago ) mention of difference in version on any of the big name review sites. 1UP mentioned it in thier follow up article to the review comparing the two. They mentioned ingame engine for cut scenese for PS3 and video for 360, not sure how true this was. However when Bayonetta dropped that's all people could talk about was how much better the 360 version was. Oh well...

Obama4720d ago

yeah no USA sites are going to give the 360 version a lower score since they don't want to anger MS. It's not conspiracy theories; it's the truth. When the ps3 gets a slightly inferior port it gets a lower score while a bad port on the 360 always gets a free pass.

TOO PAWNED4720d ago

and best part, Bayonetta flopped on both systems lol. Meh doesn't matter, they can't stop power of PS3, we will win in the end and they know it. 360 is outdated again something WE ALL know.

Will-UK4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

The thing is its not just the USA eurogamer did the same. I was adressing the whole industry.

LOL, also to answer your question i have been here (N4G) since 2007 with all the ps3 is dead articles.

N4G had triple the amount of fanboys back then lool.

sikbeta4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

WTF! This is REAL? a Single Score for 2 Versions...

[Bias? This is not bias anymore, this is a Big Wall of LIES in order to not show the truth, The x360 port is Inferior in comparison to The PS3 HD version and People will realise by their OWN

I'm Glad to know FF Gamers will Go for The PS3 Version and No, is not Only cuz of the BAD Port, it's for FFvs13...]*

*This is in General since GT give the Same Score to Multiplat Games, thanks to abcd for clarify this for me


Seriously, I didn't notice, my bad then... so, that can Explain WHY they Gave The GOTY09 to MW2 lol

abcd4720d ago

Game Trailers always gives the same score to a multiplatform games.

TOO PAWNED4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

The thing with FF13 (like all FF games) it's that it will attract a lot of casual gamers, that will go out and buy system to play this game. Now if that is only or one of few games you end up buying (if you are that type of gamer - like my sister) then why wouldn't you want to inform those people where BEST version is. Not only they might end up buying inferior version but with that they will also buy inferior hardware.

With all shenanigans over fake 360 screens that were in reality PS3s + exclusive adds (how ridiculous is that? ) it is obvious M$ WANTS this game to do better or on par with PS3 version (speaking of western market), it seems USA sites and EU are having MS back. Keep on sending those checks ms, bravo well played.

EDIT:Guy above - we are talking in general, not just GT, it just happens to be under GT video review

blind-reaper4720d ago

Thanks Microsoft for pushing an "AAA" JRPG into an "A" JRPG just for the sake of taking an exclusive from Sony.

abcd4720d ago

This review is ps3 only:

I think only the ps3 version will appear in metacritic.

OmegaSlayer4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

The whole gaming world connected to the net knows that the 360 version is inferior, still GT clearly use the 360 version for their review, and you can see the 360 buttons during the eidolon summon.

I wonder how many checks M$ throws everywhere every day.

Every day is worst.
Gamers should really start to wake up, since someone is using any means to fill its pocket, even if that means slowering the progress of gaming for each game lover.


Look closely at the video review, I was waiting for the commands to show up.

FanboysWillHateMe4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

if all you're paying attention to is whether or not the 360 version of this game will be scored lower than the PS3 version. It's actually pretty funny, I'm glad you guys are getting all butthurt over it.

Seriously, get over it. If you choose not to, oh well, it only hurts you and gives me more laughs.

The only difference between the two would be in the graphics, and even then it's not like the 360 version has sh1t graphics. The gameplay, characters, story, EVERYTHING ELSE is the same. It performs equally on both platforms.

Bayonetta got a lower score because it didn't perform as well on the PS3 version. Much longer load times and bad frame rates are more of a reason to lower a score than decreases in graphical quality. Remember, gameplay over graphics, right?

If you played both versions of Bayonetta, the differences are very very noticeable. Can the same be true for FFXIII? Only if you're a Sony fanboy trying too hard.

doG_beLIEfs4720d ago

Just stop complaining about it. It just gives them more ammo. We know the truth and just like the mind of a Fixed Views matter what examples and FACTS you bring to the table over and over, no matter how big the mountain of data is that proves your right...they will still defend their "choice or opinion" and crawl ever deeper into their fantasy world. I have learned that it is just not worth it, so what to do instead?

Buy 1st or 2nd party only Sony fans, support the company who will continue to push what is possible on the PS3. Support a company willing to take YEARS of abuse to make great games. Support a company willing to lose millions of dollars in developing hardware that dwarfs the competition. Support a company willing to introduce new gaming genres (play, create, share....Interactive drama)

So many games, the PS3 is my favorite Playstation by FAR and I have been a day 1 owner (including buying my PS2 from Japan) of every single Playstation.

PS3 it only has the BEST games

snaz274720d ago

so could you please explain to me how loading screens effect a game more than graphics? so you sit there saying wow that load was fast? but when the graphics are sub-hd with loads of jaggies you say nothing? oh and arent the load times for this game meant to be worse on the 360? frame rate i agree with you, however, didnt sony patch bayonetta? i have a friend on psn how got beyonetta, he was telling me about it, saying it was good etc... i ask him if he knew about the problems and he didnt... obviously it wasnt game breaking then! how about the cut-scenes not even being HD? i thought people played the game for the amazing cut-scenes? come on to say non of this effects the game is just daft! but bayonettas problems did, you just sound bias like the media lmao, you dont work for them by any chance? lmao... anyway dogs beliefs got it bang on! and its what ive been doing for a long time! anyway it makes sense seen as they are coming out with better and better quality games, and they are cheaper! win win.

snaz274720d ago

thats one hell of a load time no? lmao... the only thing you said that could effect gameplay is framerate, and like i said my friend didnt even know there were any problems! cos sony patched it! to me i think you spend more time playing the game looking at the graphics than you do loading stuff, so for me graphics are more important than a 1-2 minute load difference.

JokesOnYou4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Well gametrailers like many other sites didn't rate the ps3 version of Bayonetta lower:
-and we all know the ps3 version wasn't on par, truth is many multi's haven't been rated lower for the ps3 even though 360 version was a tad better, but why would they unless it approaches the level of hurting the overall experience?

Where's all the 360 fanboys screaming at the tons of sites who didn't choose to do a seperate ps3 review of Bayonetta and rate it lower? lol

Bayonetta was found to be the worst port to the ps3 recently, many, many sites confirmed it had a significant framerate difference among other things, but whats funny is I don't see any 360 fans begging all those sites like Gamesradar, Eurogamer, Edge and so many other of these suppose anti-sony site for a review with a lower score for metacritic. NO you don't see that, because for the most part as I said before the difference for REAL gamers is meaningless, its the same story, same gameplay, same experience which means its exactly the same game that happens to be a little LESS SHARP as the 360 version.= Why weren't ps3 extremists so vocal on all the Bayonetta 360/ps3 reviews that scored the games the same???? -Yet here they are on every 360/ps3 review begging for a lower 360 score, lmfao wtf?....If you actually try reading and comprehending the reviews many have said the 360 version runs flawless with no framerate problems, even the most critical anaylsis by Digital Foundry found this to be true, with the 360 version actually maintaining a higher framerate (576p most likely has something to do with that) either way looking at those vid's from Eurogamer's analysis in-game looks nearly identical but the close up screens show ps3 version definitely is crisper. lol, but leave it to ps3 fanboys to cry, cry, cry and make a mountain out of a molehill.

It's so funny, my question is how does it really affect ps3 fanboys when #1 all the reviews even if they don't score 360 version lower say the ps3 version is better so they can't say that UNinformed readers won't know which is better and #2 Most importantly no matter what other people buy either way it won't change your experience on the ps3. lol, n4g sony folks are the biggest bunch of crybabies I ever seen, I would actually take you guys seriously if your standards didn't flip flop as all the time.


edit vvvvvv snaz27, I have no idea if sony actually patched Bayonetta or not, but it doesn't matter, Reviewers review the retail copy that they have upon release, if thats the case so many games that were hit for issues can say, "oh don't worry about that framerate bugged mess of a game you ALREADY PURCHASED we will fix it later, so hey IGN give it a 10 thankyou", the fact that YOU KNOW sony needed to patch it is telling and YOU ALSO KNOW that many, many, sites DID NOT SCORE IT LOWER, because in their judgement they didn't think it reached the level of being a significant difference, however they ALL noted 360 versions >>>PERFORMANCE<< ;< (affects gameplay) was at least marginally better, in the case of FFXIII most have generally stated the 360 version runs as smooth,(if you're nitpicky 360 framerate is a *fraction better, but thats splitting hairs) the point is watching the vids you can hardly tell much difference, which is sort of surprising to me because I definitely see more difference in the screenshots, I don't know why that is but I just finished looking all the analysis crap over a few times and its clear the ps3 version is sharper in the screenshots, not so much in the gameplay, but meh' whatever. btw meta screws up sometimes, I remember a few times when 360 version of multi's ended up a tad lower on metacritic only because they included far more 360 reviews then ps3 reviews, not all the same sites are always used, etc. Do you guys think everything 100% of the time will be equal, if so stop looking at reviews and scores because it happens to both consoles, I think the reporting on alot of things involving the 360 is BS, but you don't see me on every n4g thread crying about it.

Pika-pie4720d ago

Good video review.. Only took him 3 seconds to mention the word 'linear', jjeeeez. Think back to FFX, one complete straight line for 25 some hours just like this until you could start to explore.

To create the illusion of open world just do what I did in FFX and turn the minimap off. Il be doing that here. Trust me it worked.

What would a FF game be without cheesy dialogue.. come on. From the video review the game looks like everything I was hoping for. Minigames would have been nice though. It looks absolutly awesome!!! Cant wait!

snaz274720d ago

bayonetta 90 360 (meta) 86 ps3... the reason no ps3 fans complained about equal scores is because plenty of reviews DID note the differences and DID mark down the ps3 version... as ive said sony patched it too to have a similar framerate and to inprove load times... anyway in the reviews for this game only 1 review so far has deducted points from the 360 version, sorry i say points but i menat POINT! one point off? lmao edge review the 360 version, give it a 5 then post it on ps3 meta but not 360? whats up with that? i couldnt really care less about this game to be honest, but you would have to be blind to not see the bias in the media by now. and its not just because of this game, ps3 exclusives get picked to death yet 360 and multi games just stroll on by no questions asked! its crazy, but really just a great reason not to trust reviews.

TruthBTold4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

360, as of now, 83 and PS3 82 LOL. C'mon, you cant tell me there is no biased gaming media, they are made up of the biggest fanboys. I dont think the difference is like 360/PS3 to a Wii game but there is a noticeable difference which favors the PS3 enough for a few more points to be given. Oh well, Ameripro media I guess.

snaz274720d ago

"It's still an impressive-looking game, no question, but when I went back from 360 to PS3 it was almost like someone had stripped a layer of grime off my TV. The PS3 version is just that much crisper and more colorful." this kind of thing just happens too many times for it to be a conicidence, look at the whole ghostbusters thing, i will admit both bayonetta and ghostbusters were bad ports, not unplayable though, i just dont support those kinda games so didnt buy em... i played the chostbusters demo and was like wtf? why the big hoo haa? didnt look or feel bad to me... yet 360 gets a crap port and its no big deal and the reviews ignore the differences! you will never see it though cos you are a rabld 360 fanboy, and hense you cant listen to reason can you?

JokesOnYou4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

"My biggest concern going into the 360 version was that it would suffer from technical defects that would affect its playability, as in the PS3 version of Bayonetta. When a game sputters and chugs, as so often happens with cross-platform ports, it ceases to be fun. And the nice thing about FFXIII on 360 is that its combat is every bit as smooth as on PS3. Everything flows the same, the feedback is just as responsive, and all in all battles play out just as well as on PlayStation 3."

-lol, but of course YOU would conveniently forget that part, right? I knew you would resort to just attacks when your logic fails.=


edit vvvvv

"you see 1up know bayonetta has been patched!"

-lmfao, you still don't get it; they are referencing the difference in the retail copies that WAS REVIEWED AT THAT TIME, a patch is more than welcomed by the fans/owners of a game, however it has no bearing on the original review UNLESS the game was terrible before(it wasn't) and the patch along with fans request makes if WORTHY of a new review. The point is that as far as ports go, Bayonetta was inferior, but here's the thing, its very hard to quantify the differences, mostly what we are arguing about is a petty difference only noticed because WE ALL FOLLOW GAMING WAAAAY TO MUCH...but again, lately the vast majority of multiplats games have been so identical that when there is a noticeable difference in framerate and other technical game performance areas like with Bayonetta(technical analysis vids confirm this), then it can make one game seem like a bad port, thus scoring lower on the other hand I have never seen either version of a multiplat rated lower based ONLY on a few less pixels,= not as sharp. 'meh whatever, I'm out of bubbles talking about a game I don't care much for anyway, lol so enjoy your day, Sir.

snaz274720d ago

you know too well that the ps3 version got patched dont play dumb... oh wait lol... but yes you are right that the reviews wouldnt have known it was to be patched, and my point is not that bayonetta should have scored equally, my point is this game shouldnt either!... as for the 1up part you pulled out, i didnt leave that part out cos i didnt see it, i didnt give them a hit, and didnt read the whole article... im not saying the 360 game is unplayable, never have, but its funny that you should pull that part out, cos it further points out the bias! you see 1up know bayonetta has been patched! but the still bring up the frame rate? lmao... just goes to show mate... and im hardly gonna cry about a game i was never going to buy lol... its just another sign of bias in the media, which is clear as day, not just cos of one review, or one game, but many many things have happend, fake pics, docking points for too much variety, fake videos, the list goes on mate... if this happened to the 360 i would say the same.

snaz274720d ago

have you thought that internet vids are just not very good quality? and its easier to get good quality pics on the net than it is video, even video that says its HD isnt! the only way to truely see these things would be to play them side by side, using the exact same tvs etc... and whos gonna do that? lmao... and look i dont even care about the game ps3 or 360, but its pretty universally recognised that this time 360 got the bad port! sub-hd, even the cut-scenes! 3 disks etc... all im saying is surely the media/reviewers should recognise this, and dock points for it! surely? dont you think they would if this was the other way round? can you imagine it if it was! come on you just know reviewers would be all over it! i dont know why they do it, probably for hits or what not... look at the thing the other day, fat ps3s effected for 1 day, and it got comparisons to the rrod! i mean come on!!!

snaz274720d ago

what kinda logic is that? im not saying bayonetta want a bad port, but you seem to deny or rather wont admit that this game is also a bad port, and the lesser version... you brush off the differences as tho they were nothing! and thats why i wont take you seriously... ok the differences arent the same as with bayonetta, but so what? they are differences all the same, and it should be talked anout in reviews.. you didnt actually answer any of my logical points lol, choosing to only answer what suited you... this is what always happens with 360 fans... i just dont get it to be honest, with all the other evidence i dont know why you cant atleast admit something is a little fishy! this is why i say your a fanboy, i dont care whos on top, be it ms or sony, i dont care who is the right or wrong really... but i will call them out regardless, unlike you who ALWAYS defends 360, and ALWAYS makes excuses to cover up the facts. but you wont change lol guess you get your kicks from it so fair play to you.

bpac1234567894720d ago

While there may be some biases in the media I don't think that's why they are giving the 360 the same score. It's because there really isn't a huge difference between the two games. Both games "PLAY" exactly the same and because of that there not going to mark the game down. They did separate reviews for bayonetta because the ps3 was inferior in more areas than just textures. It had longer load times, as well as, bad frame rate drops. So any site would be justified in giving the ps3 version a lower score. Here that's simply not the case.

Lifendz4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

when a PS3 game is inferior to the 360 version of the same game, it rightfully receives a lower score. I mean, reviewers have to be honest, right?

But when a 360 game is inferior to the PS3 version of the same game, well there's no point in nit picking and it's only right to give both games the same score?

When 360 goes down for a whole flipping week (essentially) it's because of unexpected sales and the media basically gives MS a pass but when PSN goes down for one day it's world breaking news?

It's amazing how you can't point out any inconsistencies in "games journalism" without being labeled a fanboy. Honestly, I don't care because I'm a single console owner. If I get FFXIII it's going to be on the PS3. I just don't get the double standard nor do I understand why you can't point this out without the fanboy accusations.

Udidntlistenpunk4719d ago

The truth is that games developed by Western companies use smoke and mirrors aswell.

There is no freedom in CoD or Bioshock. Nor is there any true freedom in Fallout3, Oblivion or Mass effect.

Any dialogue option has miniscule changes to the gameplay and practically no effect on the story. And the fact that you can wander around aimlessly doesnt change this either. Many areas are open but absolutely empty and boring at the same time.

I travelled through Washington DC and all I could find were buildings that you cant enter (smoke and mirrors) and occasionally the subway station. But dont be fooled that you will find anything there other than dumb zombies who charge at you and even dumber cocroaches.

There is nothing to find or do (unless you like grinding). And the same goes to Mass effects planets. Its empty, boring and empty. And they are all the same. One planet has a worm and thats it. Some freedom. Even Mario brothers had more freedom with their pipes.

The truth is, FF12 was incredibly open. But it didnt receive the proper response. So they chose to make it more linear for us dumb folks.

I will be enjoying this game on the PS3, the superior version.

Luckily us PS3 gamers have VERSUS13.

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CaptainPunch4720d ago

Seems like FF13 is an 8 at best.

MajesticBeast4720d ago

Ahh the American media what did we expect that they actually mention that the 360 version isnt hd, and has a insane amount of jaggies ofcourse not that would be unfair to the 360. On the other hand if its a ps3 game even though its a incredible game it needs to be nitpicked for no reason.

Dev8 ing4720d ago

Do any of you guys even go to these sites that aren't mentioning the 360 being inferior to the PS3? Most of them feature 360 ads especially when a big game is about to hit. It makes no sense for them to bite the hand that feeds them. There isn't a big conspiracy it is just a fact that these websites don't want to lose a major source of ad revenue. Dissing Microsoft would be a sure fire way of doing that.

RememberThe3574720d ago

I think I'll be getting this one in the mail. Seems like a great game.

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