Call Of Duty 4 - NEW Multiplayer Gameplay video showcasing new feature.

This week Infinity Ward are showing off the multiplayer perk, Deep Impact. Before I jump into the details of what Deep Impact allows you to do, heres the low-down on Bullet Penetration in the game.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward have introduced a new Bullet Penetration system to both Single-player and Multiplayer that allows you to shoot through certain objects in the game that would normally be used as cover (i.e. Walls, floors, ceilings)...

For new video, The download link is provided in the link below.

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cod4forums4129d ago

I posted this article yesterday and it was reported nearly 9 times that it was old or a duplicate story. This is not true and if people had had the patience to actually download the video they would find that it would be a brand new video that was only released 2 mins ago.

sjappie4129d ago

that when you choose deep impact perk, a weapon that normally can't penetrate objects, is suddenly able to penetrate those objects. That's so lame.

cod4forums4129d ago

At first yes but there is such a thing as stronger casing for bullets etc that do exist in real life. Just treat the perk as using more powerfull bullets.

sjappie4129d ago

I don't think a 5,56mm bullet out off a M4-rifle will ever be able to penetrate stone walls, no matter what casing.

supnub54129d ago

This game has points in multiplayer, and the physics and the deep impact, is tight. The good thing about points is that when you almost kill your enemy and then someone comes out of nowhere kills him with just one shot, because you already damaged him, and he gets the credit that sucks, but with the points he'll only get 2/10 points, thats good.

Mikey_Gee4129d ago

.. I hate having my kill stole from me. This points method is ROCK SOLID !!