StarCraft II Beta Key Wave 3 Today

Today many fans from around the globe have reported receiving StarCraft II Beta keys from opt-ins as well as event keys. The third wave has started, and is likely to go on throughout the day, and perhaps even into the weekend. Waves seems to be arriving every one to one and a half weeks (since last wave was Tuesday last week), which is pretty good.

Some people have unfortunately had problems with their beta keys. They either received a key by mail that does not work, or the game is added to their account but they can't log in.

A Solution is on the way, says Blizzard.

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EpicSheep3858d ago

Wave 3, welcome aboard everyone:D

Leord3858d ago

Woho! More lambs for slaughter! :D

Cogo3858d ago

Let me join in to this merriment :)

Yes, I do have a key already.

A friend of mine has received one now, but can't log on though :(

AndyA3858d ago

Sweet, it's about time.

Cogo3858d ago

Hahah, I see what you did there!

I would even go with a "Hell" in that sentence ;)

JsonHenry3858d ago

I want in so bad. But I have a feeling that since I am just an "opt-in" person I may be one of the last to get one. I REALLY want one now that I know BOTH SupCom2 and CnC4 are total trash.

Nikuma3858d ago

Damnit! Why won't they send me an invite!??!?!? >_<

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Medievaldragon3858d ago

Hopefully lot of fans have the chance to join closed beta. Haven't heard anything about fansite contests though,

kuangtu3858d ago

probably still not enough keys to go around

Cogo3858d ago

It's likely just gonna increase "online" stats with another 1k or so over all, like Wave 2 did.

Leord3858d ago

Oh yeah, forgot about that. I really hope they roll that stuff out soon!

kuangtu3858d ago

nice.....more ppl on BN more accurate match for same level players

Cogo3858d ago

Scientifically you are right, but won't it lose a little bit of its charm with tens of new thousands of players? :(

Dorjan3858d ago

oh sweet! So many people still want keys, that'll help :D

Leord3858d ago

I'm decently well connected, so I know several people who now have the icon and can't log in as well as people with the key, who can't add it. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.