Bioware to announce a PS3 exclusive at E3?

Today, community director at Bioware confirmed that they will be attending E3 this year.

PSU is speculating that Bioware will announce their PS3 exclusive they've been working on at E3. PSU first heard about the exclusive when they met with Richard Vogel, director of operations at Bioware at the Game Developers Conference. Richard mentioned that a game was in the works and that it would be for the PS3, but other than that he was reluctant to reveal any details.

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Lex Luthor4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Bioware did think about making an MMORPG on ps3. Although it's probably gonna be made from people in the texas office which they recently opened for MMORPG development. Not the same people working on Mass Effect(Canada).

Maddens Raiders4129d ago

...not texas office. Ya know, like (Canada)? =]

Lex Luthor4129d ago

But then again this article is pure speculation.

NoUseMerc4129d ago

Well I talked with Richard at GDC and its definitely a PS3 title. I just speculated that they will announce it at E3 due to their announcements of being at E3.

Hopefully its a new IP. Bioware lists a new next gen title in development on their website so we know there is something there.

techie4129d ago

Alright lad. SO he said they had a game that was in development for the PS3...they didnt say it was an exclusive though did they?

Omegasyde4128d ago

I agree too many people take words out of context.

PSU Reporter: So Dave, how is that new games running? you know the one out of your texas branch.

Dave(Bioware): Well, It's running great and seems to be ahead of development and ready for it's beta stages.

PSU Reporter: Any plans on releasing this on the Ps3?

Dave: O yea, we are looking forward to releasing our first title on the PS3 this fall.

*PSU Reporter, some random dude, takes it out of context since there was no mention of other consoles. Feeling like he has a huge scoop, he reports the news back to HQ and they post this.

This kind of news happens allllllll the time. Just because they didn't mention another console, people assume it's exclusive.

I just hope its not SONIC RPG. :(

CrazzyMan4129d ago

yeah, sony with ps3 will shine on E3. =)
Cool! =]

MADGameR4129d ago

Video game companies will start to see the light on SONY when the PS3 sells alot more.

Ggame4129d ago

If it's TRUE! (I hope that) ,PS3 will BOOMMMMMMM...

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The story is too old to be commented.