Starcraft II Beta Patch 3 Notes

Blizzard has released Starcraft 2's third patch during beta, version "". This patch buffed Terran further by reducing many tech research time. As for Protoss, Zealots' maximum shield has been reduced. Also, there are few bugs have been fixed. Hopefully this means more stable game for ATI graphic card users.

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Bandreus3860d ago

Seems like Terrans received yet another boost

Terrice3860d ago

I usually get the infantry weapon upgrade quite early, and didn't really think it needed a 30 second time reduction.

Cogo3860d ago

They are a lot quicker than SC1 anyway.

Terrice3860d ago

Exactly. All upgrade research times were much quicker than the original, why cut them again?

And why only for the Terrans?

Leord3860d ago

Lovely. Terrans needs buffs.

Terrice3860d ago

More Terran buffs and Protoss nerfs.

Leord3860d ago

You can't be serious?

Cogo3860d ago

Indeed. I love my Zealot rush!

Leord3860d ago

Now that you say it like that, I DO remember the zealot rush. I think mineral for mineral and time for time, it;s a bit OP.

Or was, anyway.

El_Colombiano3860d ago

Zealots are a bit OP. They hit hard and have strong shields. Nerf justified.

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Cogo3860d ago

More Protoss nerfs?!

Dorjan3860d ago

At last! I felt that Terrans were way under powered and the fact that you might be able to squeeze an upgrade out before the first big battle might be worth it.

Terrice3860d ago

Terrans underpowered? All I ever see are Terran players in ladder matchups. :)

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