1UP previews BioShock - What it is, what it isn't

Sitting in Irrational's loungey "Red Room," Levine sets aside his sushi and holds out his hands as far as his arms will reach, an imaginary meter stick measuring in-game freedom.

"If Grand Theft Auto is here," Levine says, indicating the extreme left, "and Half- Life 2 is here," waggling his fingers at the far right, "then BioShock is here," an inch or two away from the make-believe mark he just made for Valve's magnum opus. He moves his fingers a few centimeters closer to the HL2 side and makes another mark for Metroid Prime, Nintendo's GameCube first-person shooter adventure, offering it as a pretty close comparison -- only BioShock comes without the goofy control scheme or quite as much backtracking.

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Satanas4130d ago

Well yeah we knew it was a shooter, regardless it still looks awesome.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi4130d ago

This game is going to be insane and pretty sick if you ask me!

ben hates you4130d ago

very high my list, graphics are top notch, crazy top notch story, and 60 dollars well spent

MK_Red4129d ago

I really hope they dont sacrifice the System Shock 2 feel and adult elements. Cant wait.