A Taste of a Halo Wars Battle

Halo Wars moderator Thunder updated the official Halo Wars forums with a bit of news and a taste of what battles in the Halo-themed RTS will be like when it releases. The ever-so-slight news is that the July 6 monthly update will have some more game details and that July will also see the relaunching of the Halo Wars website which will include a new look and "something cool going on the side as well." Hit the jump for Thunder's description of his Halo Wars match against programmer Rob Fermier.

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ben hates you4182d ago

it lets me use mouse and key board on my X360 or it is on PC

Rhezin4182d ago

nah I like the controller better. I hope it's 360 exclusive

toughNAME4182d ago

more news on Halo Wars about NOTHING

i would rather a trailer or a screenshot

wasnt this game playable like..a year and a half ago?

WoundedMoon4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

It's a good idea to get a RTS to ride in the wake of the hugely successful Halo series, I don't think this game will live up to is FPS counterpart though, which is a solid, well made FPS. On the other hand though, the quality should atleast transfer over, so RTS fans can likely expect a high level of quality out of the game; but I don't see it competing with other huge RTS installments. All my humble opinion, little has been revealed, and much remains to be seen. My estimations are admitedly losely based in reality.

Hydrolex4182d ago

is also PS3 exclusive !

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