Alan Wake ending is 'a cliffhanger'

Alan Wake developer Remedy has told CVG that the game - a first episode in a planned series - will end on a 'cliffhanger'.

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Cajun Chicken3332d ago

Well, that's spoiled the ending. Ever heard of dramatic tension and build up to have a shocking ending much Remedy?

red2tango3332d ago

Why would they say that? I wish I wouldn't have read this; still going to play it but it ruined dramatic tension for me somewhat...still can't wait to play it but wish Remedy kept their mouths shut.

Rockox3332d ago

Well, it look like those PS3 fanboys hell-bent on spoiling the game for Alan Wake fans need not bother, as Remedy has ALREADY FREAKIN' DONE IT.


TheLog3332d ago

Why would Remedy ruin their own game...DUH!
Did any of ACTUALLY READ the article.

It says...

"first episode in a planned series - will end on a 'cliffhanger'."
"However, Lake has also told us that the studio is not yet sure how the full Alan Wake story will end."


kaveti66163332d ago

That was an idiotic thing to spoil for us. Setting aside the fact that I abhor cliffhanger endings. It's like, "Hey, thanks for your sixty bucks. Be sure to come back and cough up another 60 bucks so you can have the decent ending." I know the game has already been told be be parts of a series, but that doesn't matter because it's possible to end a game on a proper note and then pick up again with a good sequel ala Uncharted 2.

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SilentNegotiator3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Does that mean Luigi's Mansion 3 is confirmed?
Nyuck nyuck nyuck!

"I'd suggest all 360 fans avoid N4G during Alan Wake's release. There's a lot of angry PS3 fans (including myself) who are still pissed off about the Heavy Rain spoiler"
LOL, I've got a feeling that if someone does reveal something, it will become a regular back and forth thing.

rroded3332d ago

jus like too human...

sigh why not give us a complete story and leave room for a sequel...

Rockox3332d ago

Actually, after reading a few other articles, I'm a little less worried about this "cliffhanger" they're talking about. It sounds like the main story will conclude well (as they've said before), but they'll probably add a little teaser at the very end just to leave it open (think Skeletor's "I'll be back" at the end of the He-Man movie).

Seriously though, the less I know about this game the better. I'd like to be surprised for once.

kaveti66163332d ago

Well, go ahead and stoop to their level of immaturity.

What faith can I have in humanity when they act like this?

It's no longer going to be a case of "they started it first." It's going to spiral off for a few months and then you're all going to be a**holes to each other, and unbiased gamers such as myself are going to suffer. How can you call yourself a gamer if you will deliberately go and spoil the ending of a game for yourself and then spoil it for others? I didn't own a PS3 for 2 years while I had a 360, and I never spoiled PS3 games for me. You guys need to stop acting like children to each other.

unknownhero11233332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

alan ends up in a mental hospital, that's how it will end.

actually, I'm just guessing the ending. would makes sense, even though it would be a cop out.

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TheBand1t3332d ago

Saga Kin

Saag Kin




kaveti66163332d ago

Yup. You just beat me to it. He also made another account that starts with "Saa."

GiantEnemyCrab3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

haha Band1t he used all his accounts to disagree with you because you have to be an idiot to not see who he is.

That's why N4G's bubbles are a joke. He was down to 1 bubble for a reason but all he has to do is create a new account and his dribble continues..

EDIT: Oh look, he's already jumped to 6 bubbles (looks at comments) yup nothing but trolling 360 sections.

mal_tez923332d ago

1. Have game in development for 6 years
2. Don't have a conclusion
3. ????

I think if people are waiting this long for a game, they should see a conclusive ending.

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snipermk03332d ago

like the game will end with Alan wake hanging on a cliff? :|

aaron58293332d ago

it's like they planned it from the beginning... in the meeting room..

"We gotta make sure the game ends as a cliffhanger... so we can milk the sh1t out of those idiots who paid 60 bucks for it... DLC pays well... !!"


captain-obvious3332d ago

i cant remember where
but i've read that the ending well be a DLC

JasonPC360PS3Wii3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )



Saa-Emperor = Saaking, and all these accounts are just a few hours to a day old :) 7 bubbles... B-b-busted!

Anyway Alan Wake is a beast and a trilogy is perfect.

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Unicron3332d ago

I dislike this trend of knowing everything about a game before it even comes out. It's REALLY gotta stop.

Rockox3332d ago

I understand the need for drumming up some excitement for a game, but there are ways to do it that aren't at the expense of the story. Especially not the ending, of all things.

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groverfett3332d ago

cool, and then we wait 4 more years for them to release the sequel!

mushroomwig3332d ago

It won't be that long, most of the that time is taken up devoloping the game engine, Alan Wake 2 could here here a year after the orignal game releases.

Take Killzone 2 for example, it took 3-4 years to finish but Killzone 3 could be here as early as this year.

3332d ago
LordMarius3332d ago

lol so they are going to milk it,

3332d ago
Nitrowolf23332d ago

they said that they wanted it like a tv series, this being episode one(Or season one?) of alan wake

drdistracto7073332d ago

cant wait for that sequel in 2040!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3332d ago

Ratchet and Milk 12, SOCOM 7, SingStar 18 and Metal Gear Milk 8 say hi

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