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AATG: "The Eye of Judgement: Legends is a fun, yet demanding edition to the PSP library and it is unlike anything else on the platform. While there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the game, it's not without its faults and the majority of the issues from the PS3 original remain. As such EoJ: Legends not something I can recommend without hesitation. Many people will be put off by the core gameplay mechanics and the complexity and subtlety of the rules. That said, for those who are willing to put in the hours, learning the rules and honing your deck and strategy, they will discover a deeply involving and rewarding game. Fans of EoJ on the PS3 will love the increased accessibility of EoJ: Legends, but also the fact that all of the complexity and depth of the original has been retained. If you fall into this group - add a star."

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Meryl3150d ago

I love EOJ, but ever since people started cheating with the level 2 cards, I really lost all interest in the game, such a shame because i had many fair battles before which i enjoyed.