Gran Turismo 5 videos

Here are some new videos of Gran Turismo 5, live from Japan. DjMizuhara went to the Nissan showroom in Nagoya to get his hands on a demo of the game and he captured some footage for your guys. You will get to see the Tokyo track again, as well as the famous Nurburgring. The 60 fps videos will follow shortly as usual.

Update: 60 fps video, with sound, available.

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MAR-TYR-DOM4293d ago

The only way to fully experience the epicness of this game is with the logitech G27 wheel. If you can afford that, buy it!

pixelsword4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

licks lips

redsquad4293d ago

Oh look... "Disagree's" allllll the way down, even with the most innocuous of statements.
That showed us, eh? That'll put us in our place and teach us to show enthusiasm for an excellent looking game!

And that IS one damn fine looking drive!

TheBest4293d ago

The G25 is cheaper and does almost as good a job as the G27, and the Driving Force GT is even cheaper and is probably the best "first time wheel buyer" wheel.

Oner4293d ago

Actually the G25 is better in a few regards but mainly for the selectable 6 speed & sequential which the G27 axed. Plus the G27 while "quieter" because of it's helical gears makes some odd sounds when FFB is applied from in game at times. I was going to upgrade but honestly it's not worth the cost for what you get/lose. G25 @ cheaper price FTW! I can't wait to get some seat time with it in my Obutto and GT5...I can patiently wait for a better quality game ;)

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monkpunk14295d ago

Why is every funker in the world seen playing this and not me?

pixelsword4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

and now you pay! MUAHAHAHA!

Seriously, though; try clearing your cache and then try again, if you're even reading this thread still.

plb4293d ago

I don't understand how people can compare THIS to forza. I hear good things about forza but GT5 is a graphical beast...just look at it, it looks REAL!

KionicWarlord2224293d ago

This looks amazing .

I cant wait to play it .

Jinxstar4293d ago

How are you enjoying the rest of your PS3 experience so far?

KionicWarlord2224293d ago

Great...about to play demon souls .

Still haven't beat god of war 2 yet .

But after beating the first on i can understand why its so epic .

The story is just deep .

Jinxstar4293d ago

Thats great. You'll like the second even more... Probably... My roommate is tearing up demons souls but I'll log in sometime soon and play it with you.

thereapersson4293d ago

Congrats! Demons Souls is definitely a must-play. If it weren't for Uncharted 2, it would have been my personal GOTY.

thief4293d ago

Just wait till you play Uncharted 1/2. I feel for those who have not experienced the awesomeness of this series.

KionicWarlord2224293d ago

Yes reaper .

You seem surprised .

DJ4293d ago

I'm playing through Heavy Rain, and I can't help but feel like PS Home should use its control scheme.

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Akagi4293d ago

Splendid, everything looks amazing.

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