Digitally know when your 360 is overheating! has received a new batch of pictures from of their new Xbox 360 replacement case which features a digital thermometer to let Xbox 360 owners instantly know the temperature od their Xbox 360 console in real time. The case itself is of a crystal clear coloring and alternates LED lighting between six colours depending on the temperature, for example if the console is at a temperature of 29 C the lights will be orange but if the system reaches a temperature of 44 C the lighting will cascade through a total of five colours before hitting RED. This should be a great way to check the success of various cooling methods on the Xbox 360 and could save a number of Xbox 360's from dying a lonely death!

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Rhezin4128d ago

yah that looks awesome! changes color. looks kinda like the old clear gameboy.

ericbs4128d ago

The colours seem a bit odd for each range (orange is coolest?) but i like the idea

tehcellownu4128d ago

Microsoft should include one with ever purchases of the or send one with the coffin..and bonus a 360 towel..

PSTripleOG4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Their arse it would be smashing the PS3...


Ignorant Fanboy4128d ago

Have you not seen a sales chart in the past year?

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The story is too old to be commented.