Threespeech censors Free Speech?

Is Threespeech censoring Free Speech?

One blogger tells his story of how his comments on Sony's 'semi official' Playstation "Threespeech" blog were systematically deleted for questioning the blog's integrity, but left present on his own account so he did not notice they had been removed from public view. Is it right that the comments can be deleted merely for questioning just how much influence Sony has over this blog? Should the blog even be called "Threespeech" if it disallows Free Speech, the phrase it's name is a word play of?

The blogger provides significant evidence including screenshots and a way to test out the story for yourself after the jump.

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CyberSentinel4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Sony can't have none of That.

Blind Lemmings, Open Your Eyes And Hearts And See The Truth.

@2: Bubble for you.

sak5004132d ago

Censorship works here as well. Look at the bubbles of 360 advocates, they have either 1 or 2 bubbles, thnx to majority of sony fanbois here trying to stifle people who speak against their beloved sony.

Satanas4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Not true. All the smart owners of the 360 have plenty of bubbles, and there is no reason they should not have those bubbles. (ie. Diselage under me)

As for the one bubblers, well that goes for all fanboys, be it 360 or PS3.

Tabasco4132d ago

No they have no bubbles because the stupid fanboys who contribute nothing but "ps3 sucks" comments. Hmmm kinda like why you have only one bubble. If you logic was correct then mega ps3 fanboys who are just as annoying would have tons of bubbles...... yet the have only one as well.

Diselage4132d ago

Well since the news submission about Microsoft deleting stories about Forza 2 causing crashes is news then so is this.

snoop_dizzle4132d ago

its not like they were even being offensive.

TaylorB4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago ) has no obligation to any users, readers or commenters to allow any and every comment made on their site. This isn't an issue of free speech, this is an issue of a moderator, or representative of ThreeSpeech moderating their web space. Every forum / webspace that allows public comments moderates their space in some shape or form. ThreeSpeech is no different, and Lave was probably on the receiving end of a moderator with short patience.

Further, ThreeSpeech is a website used to promote news for PS3, namely good news. It's never been a soapbox for an objective analysis of the PS3 and the market it's included in. Anyone who has spent any amount of time reading ThreeSpeech knows this, Lave is simply barking up the wrong tree. His inability to pick and choose his battles along with a zealous fervor just discredits his stance.

I don't listen to white bread interviews, or PR interviews and expect anything other than a PR runaround. Lave is figuratively walking into a religious church and trying to discredit the sermon's objectivity and comparative impartiality. Give me a break.

The same goes for websites like Sony Protection Group / PS3Fanboy / the Playstation Blog / 360 Fanboy / 360 News / Major Nelson etc.

Let's be realistic and pick and choose our battles. I agree in open discussion in business, but I also know there's a time and a place for everything.

Edited for you Snoop ;)

snoop_dizzle4132d ago

don't forget Sony protection group.

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