GT5 - New Details on Car Damages, Downloadable Cars

Here are some Excerpts from the latest edition of Car and Drive issue magazine in which they give more details about the next GT5 game.

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Bill Gates4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"Some have cots with sleeping bags under their desk to take power naps."

These guys are so dedicated, and their skill, and talent is matched by very few.

The Real Joker4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

What are you living in a fu$k*ng kung-fu movie?!?

InMyOpinion4131d ago

Either dedicated, or just forced to work all the time to provide for themselves and their families. I hope they show some of this at E3, can't wait.

PSTripleOG4131d ago

Getting Scared about GT owning Forza 2, well guess what retard it will, did you hear the damage bit (Real damage) Every bit of the car with be designed to Break. Meaning if the developers but enough time and effort into this game it could redefine driving sims.... sorry xbot.


This Is Living.

The Real Joker4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"Prick" = Yes I am and very proud of it.
-Don't own Forza
-loved the Gran Turismos on the Ps2
-comment had nothing to do with article much like Bill Gates quotes usually don't have anything to do with the article
-"xbot" very creative on your part. Wow keep it up.
"PWNED" grow the fu$k up.

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Ebay3rd4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Man what kinda garbage is the whole you can't use crash damage cause some auto makers don't want their cars to be shown with damage...

Fisher3394131d ago

start with the Mircotransaction crap.

sure its great if there are 500 cars on the disc and you can buy more from the psn, i just hope we don't get 300 cars, and the rest appear on the psn.

Vojkan4131d ago

Well if they give you 500 cars on disc and you want even more, than you have to be a moron and you should pay!
I mean really 300-500 is more than enough

What bothers me is that there will be no damages on car

pilotpistolpete4131d ago

AS Ebay3rd pointed out, when using actual commercial cars, you run into opposition from automakers who don't want their cars to be crashed and exploded. I guess it makes them seem unsafe or shows the "what can happen if you use our product"
Motorstorm had no problem with their cars/trucks and bikes have crash damage, since they were entirely fictional.

JOLLY14131d ago

They had no problem getting them to have damage.

cuco334131d ago

for car nuts... it's never enough

i'm a euro guy and love the amount of european cars that are in forza. but i'ld still love me some e30 m3, mk1 vw gti, mk3 vw gti vr6, mb 2.3, audi s2, audi quattro coupe, i mean the list goes on and on! same will be for gt5. it's cool having a few itterations of the skyline, nsx, porsches so long as they aren't a reskinned car... but bring on more cars!

just don't make us pay an arm and a leg for them

btw, polyphony and sony is stupid for making excuses on damage outside the racing cars. i LOVE how fm2 has damage modeling and really hope gt5 will have it too.

Dlacy13g4131d ago

To follow up on your points and comments. Yes automakers notoriously don't want cars to be shown wrecked, but they will allow it "if" the game depicts an air of safety on the car. Thus no cars blow up in Forza2 and if you have noticed the "cage" of the car always stays in tact and "safe" thus showing the car as a safe vehicle in all conditions.

So....Forza2 doesnt exactly have "real" damage, but what damage they do allow for all has very real physics applied to it. So you loose your bumper and it affects your wind resistance and drag, etc.

It's a compromise...but one I would gladly make. It makes you race differently when you know you need to be careful...and honestly it makes the races that much more intense.

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Athlon4131d ago

Were there any Honda accords on Forza 2? When it comes to many typical cars that people drive everyday, the issue of car damage hits automakers more. Remember when Toyota was giving away free GT4 demo disk if you requested a brochure of the Prius? I still have mine. You can see why an automaker would not want damage on there car if they're trying to sell it. he GT series was the main push that got the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo over in the states according to Newsweek a while back. This game has influence.
What if they added damage and made it effect the car realistically at that? Imagine sliding into a wall at 70mph. Would anyone honestly think the damaged car would be able to get up to speed and win the race, let alone finish the race?

Yipee Bog4131d ago

300 to 500 cars=nice. Car damage would be fun but I would be stuck at the starting line ramming my car into the wall while i got lapped, and will this one actually have tire marks on the road? That somewhat dampened my excitement in the other installments.

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