Toshiba Permanently Drops HD DVD Player Prices

Hot on the heels of a month-long promotional price cut, Toshiba announced on Thursday that it would permanently lower prices on two of its entry level HD DVD players.
Effective July 1, Toshiba says its HD-A2 player will be permanently offered at an MSRP $299, while its HD-A20 will be offered at $399.

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Dlacy13g4181d ago

They dont have a trojan horse like the PS3 in their back pocket...sorry but the HD-DVD player for the 360 is not a trojan horse...but they are still going for it! I mean truly making a big push between the players and lap tops. Probably something they should have done day 1, especially the lap tops drive.

omansteveo4181d ago

Im still un-decided about which one to get but "300" and "Heroes" are lookin quite nice and if the "Office" hits HD-DVD im sold

sak5004181d ago

I'd say "Return of the jHDi"

pwnsause4181d ago

lol, this must be their desperate measures to try to stay alive in this market lol

power of Green 4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

You maybe right but its also key to winning any war no matter what consumer product it is. Beta-Blu

What this means is both stand alone Blu-ray players and PS3 players will be out sold combinded what makes you think Studios will just keep ignoring a bigger consumer base forever just because Sony has convinced them PS3 will win at $600 buck a unit. Both Beta max and Blu-ray share/shared the support and hype.

pwnsause4181d ago

True, dropping their prices is basically their Hail Mary to turn BD into a Beta, But every store I walk into has BD ads all over the place, not to mention the movies, all you get for hd-dvd is a small corner in the rear of the store lol

Marceles4181d ago

now they just need to convince those other studios to side with them....:(

Wile4181d ago

...potential buyers of the addon HD-DVD player for the 360 toward a stand alone player. For an extra hundred I think most would rather a stand alone player, I know I would.

pwnsause4181d ago

The Problem with those studios is that they found out HD-DVD got cracked like in 3 days, BD has the same type of encryption like HD-DVD, but also has the extra layer of encryption, BD+, thats why we havent seen Movies from Fox so far, they were wait for BD+ to go live

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The story is too old to be commented.