Miyamoto Shares Wii Secrets

Nintendo game master Shigeru Miyamoto, speaking with Japan's monthly Nintendo Dream as part of the magazine's 10th anniversary festivities, has shared a few intriguing details on the Wii, its controller, and his upcoming games.

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my wiimote is whispering secret information to me!

it says sony are screwed!


Shadow Flare5410d ago

it says, "You're an idiot"

CAPS LOCK5410d ago

even in a wii article ur dissing the ps3 WTF is the matter with u? u must have mental problems if u hate a product this much, its not like it harmed u anyway.

back to the point, this guy is working hard on the wii but how come wii controller won't have rumble hmm i wonder?

dikturbo5410d ago

I would thik the first reason not to include rumble would be cost. Royalties must be paid and it's clear that Nintendo's intention is to keep costs on hardware down. Xbox 1 could have included DVD but they left the royalty to be paid by the individual remote sale not the unit. The second reason has to be size.

kingboy5410d ago

i`v never seen or hear anyone who fears sony like u..every single post u mentioning them..

piro965408d ago

on the official wii website it still shows that the wiimote will have a rumble feature.

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