Playstation 3 Technology Used In Worlds Fastest Super Computer

IBM unveiled the world's fastest computer this week, the BBC reports. Blue Gene/P is three times faster than what is thought to be the fastest known computer -- Blue Gene/L, another IBM computer.

Blue Gene/P, which will go online later this year at the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, comes packed with 1 petaflop, or the capability of processing 1,000 trillion calculations per second (100,000 times faster than a PC).

Oh, and what makes all these computers so fast? It's the same processor technology found in the just-released PlayStation 3 that your kids use.

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Hydrolex4219d ago

Tell me what PC was that ? It could be 80's PCs :)

Satanas4219d ago

Yeah it's annoying when they say "a PC." Because "a PC" could range anywhere from a piece of crap from '95 to an average PC for about $1000 to a monster AlienWare or gaming unit.

Syko4219d ago

Yes it is the "Same Technology" that is in a PS3, But it is a million times more expensive and not a consumer product. But yet articles like this spur these crazy 12-13 year old Sony fanboys into saying "XBOX sucks PS3 is a supercomputer it is 100,000x faster than your PC noob". Without understanding anything that is going on.

3 Petaflops though !! Jesus Christ.

Maddens Raiders4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

but to say that the PS3 doesn't share supercomputer technology with some of IBM's latest creations is innacurate. Yes kids running around spouting off like you say is annoying, true. But it's statements like these which are wholly noteable"

-- "Not to be outdone quite yet, however, Blue Gene/P can eventually be expanded to 3 petaflops, according to IBM.

Oh, and what makes all these computers so fast? It's the same processor technology found in the just-released PlayStation 3 game that your kids use." --

Yeah 3 petaflops is nearly unfathomable. And people that know understand that the PS3 does not share THIS type of process'g. pwr.

WoundedMoon4218d ago

It's all a matter of where you wish to draw the line. By some (and probably most) standards the PS3 is closer arcutecturally to this computer, but change the standard just a bit (or maybe a bit more) and you could say "This supercomputer uses transistors, and so does the XBox 360."

It does show a inovation by Sony, however, an inovation that really has no affect on the market, as the market cares about the output only, not the inner workings that produced the output.

snoop_dizzle4219d ago

more powerful is this than the PS3?

Like 90,000 times?

pilotpistolpete4218d ago

They dont say what they used explicitly, just "same processing technology". That could mean they buy the silicon from the same company to make chips. Oh useless article, why must you be so factually empty!

Merovee4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

BlueGene line is Multiple Cell processors running in parallel. A few months before the release of PS3 Ibm was able to de-throne "Virtual Earth" ( at the time the fastest computer in the world) using their BlueGene/L configuration. It's nearly infinitely scalable by running several of them in parallel pending you can afford to actually make it. By utilizing 8 cell processors on 1 board you've placed yourself firmly in the top 500, then it's just a matter of linking the boards VIA Fiber-optics to run them in unison.

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The story is too old to be commented.