Sony not in so Much Trouble After All?

People are always saying how Sony is in trouble and how Sony is losing money, market share and the what not. As (partially) true as those things are, it has become apparent to me that Sony may have some things up its sleeve.

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TriggerHappy4130d ago

Whiles many gamers make fun and criticize them because we think they are loosing money, we really dont know whats going on in terms of their finances.

nobizlikesnowbiz4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

True that. But we can still see PS3's sitting on store shelves, and this is enough for us to assume that they aren't where they predicted they'd be.

Maybe Killzone can bail them out. We'll see in a couple weeks. If Killzone doesn't sh1t on everything before it, the backlash it createswill cut Sony's head off. Hopefully for their sake Guerilla didn't spend the $20 mil on hash!

EDIT @ CrazzyMan: That's good. I was starting to fear for PS3 owners that it would take a bare min of 100 dev's plus a budget that could feed a small country in order to make a game thats worth it's salt.

EDIT @ Kyur4ThePAIN: I don't really need to write down serial numbers. We all know they aren't moving man. You should spend more time understanding the point of the comment, rather than trying to find faults in my logic.

"Sony said the one thing they will not allow to happen is for stock to run low / out."
-It doesn't matter, consumers made the decision themselves. They chose not to buy it, therefore Sony doesn't need to worry about re-stocking.

"Put it this way...if I was able to find a Wii a few months ago, I would have bought one. I couldn't find it anywhere.......THAT's a bad thing."
-So your saying that it's a bad thing for a corporation not to be able to keep their product on store shelves long enough? I understand the fact that they weren't able to get YOUR business, but I don't think they really care they didn't get your business since they got everyone else's. Your logic really doesn't make sense. You were trying to pick apart my arguement and you came at me with some really lame sauce.

Kyur4ThePain4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

That line is so old. Do you go and write down serial numbers each day and then go back to see if the same ones are still there?

The Toyota dealership near me has hundreds of cars on the lot.
They must REALLY be in trouble.

Sony said the one thing they will not allow to happen is for stock to run low / out. I really don't see why you see that as a bad thing.

Put it this way...if I was able to find a Wii a few months ago, I would have bought one. I couldn't find it anywhere.
Now that I've played on a friend's, I am not interested in it anymore.
Nintendo lost a sale, and who knows how many others because the thing was nowhere to be found. THAT's a bad thing. Being able to find what I want to buy easily is a good thing.

So, what you're saying is that if Sony / MS / Nintendo decided to produce 15 consoles a month, and you never saw any in stores, that would be better?
Tell, me...why are the PS3 sales numbers lower than the 360's? It's more expensive and has fewer games atm.
And it's lower than the Wii's numbers because it costs more than twice as much.
Absolutely no surprise there. And I'm pretty sure Sony isn't all that surprised either.

Is it lower than what Sony expected? I don't know, I don't know anyone who works there so I can't ask them.
Does anyone expect the sales numbers to remain at their current level?
I doubt it. So the whole thing with "PS3s on store shelves" is temporary.

"consumers made the decision"
Look at the number of sales since the launch of each console.
Take the numbers and multiply by the street price.
Guess which console has seen more money?
And don't say it's because there was a shortage at launch...that's exactly my point. If they aren't in the stores, you can't sell them.

It's really hot today, so I'm going to assume it's going to be this hot on December 17th.

caffman4130d ago

has had the same 2 battered PS3 boxes on the shelves since launch day! And the manager has admitted they haven't sold a single 1!

THE_JUDGE4130d ago

If you want to talk money, the Xbox division of Microsoft has been in the negative since they've opened the doors. They have never turned a profit as a whole ever! Look it up, you'll see it. As for the PS3 being bailed out, the system doesn't have one game or need one. Thats the beauty of it, there are a ton of new and different games that are coming soon NOT just FPS's. The system is doing fine and will be doing alot better this fall.

Sevir044129d ago

thats the reasoning of an educated man. and not a blasted fanboi... bubble for you. i couldn't have said it any better my self

MrSwede4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

here in small Sweden I had to go to 4 stores to find my PS3 and I have a feeling it´s not that different in the rest of Europe. Mediamarkt, a huge German electronics store, had just run out when I got there saying all shipments disappeared as soon as they came in.

BTW: when I called to preorder the 360 at EBGames about a month before the release date (2005?) the guy on the phone almost laughed at me saying there´s no need to preorder.

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CrazzyMan4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

day by day, especially after E3 will come more PS3 positive articles. :)

p.s. nobizlikesnowbiz - just look at Uncharted, the game is not been developed by over 120 developers, didn`t surpass 20 mln. euro budget (as far as i know) and grpahics looks amazing!

boi4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Well it was a gamble for Sony to bring in the PS3 with the Blu-ray but they weren't never in trouble because Sony is big and with Blu-ray Sony with there movie corps will be backing that up and helping the Blu-ray...remember they don't just make the franchise call Playstation...but yea they r losing money from the Ps3 but in return they will soon pick up :)

Just Sony this time round underestimate this gen but will soon pick back up where Sony wants it to be soon enough

Mr_Kuwabara4130d ago

That'll be the start for wonders to come....

Marceles4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

And not just North America...once Hot Shots Golf 5 comes out bundled with PS3 in Japan, sales are gonna go up there. First Japan, then the other countries

*edit* lol @ disagree...look at the history of successful consoles, then come back and read what i said