Why COD4 will not be like COD3 has posted an article on why COD4 will not be as dull and bland as COD3 and why people should not look down on the series due to the 3rd installment.

The article gives you reasurance that COD4 will not be a failure like that last game and why.


Lets face it COD3 kind of gave the Call Of Duty series a bad name, with ridiculous multiplayer features and Single player that played nothing like the traditional COD's its an understatement to say people weren't impressed.

This unfortunately has taken affect on COD4 in which many people seem to be off by it due to slandered of COD3. But let me guide you into why this will be nothing like COD3 and will be your same old Call Of Duty that we know and love.

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THWIP4129d ago

COD3 was made by the hack devs at Treyarch....same people who can't manage to make a good Spidey game, with 3 tries. Activision decided to have Infinity Ward do the even # COD games, give Treyarch the odd #d ones. Infinity Ward wasn't happy about this, or how COD3 nearly ruined the franchise; in fact, they don't even recognize COD3 as being part of the franchise AT ALL, as their COD4 code includes cod3.exe as it's executable.

omansteveo4129d ago

Oh and ones Modern and the other is WWII BAM! i figured it out

Odion4129d ago

the reason why COD4 is going to be amazing and COD3 sucked was because the team that did COD3 were talentless morons

Ebay3rd4129d ago

From what i have seen this game has some potential.. So i'll give it a try...

esemce4129d ago

It has the potential to be best FPS of 2007 on and offline.

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