New Motorstorm Trailer!

Here's a new Motorstorm trailer, It is really shaping up to be a good game, The destruction is awesome and looks really fun, Enjoy.

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HDDVD3605412d ago

Its not actual gameplay. And the slow framerate is due to the fact when we show games in cgi using 1080p it drops to 20 fps. Once we show actual gameplay and utilize the 720p it will be running at 30 fps. Sure it won't look like the Tech demo in CG but at least it won't be so slow. It is a racer folks. We have to have a sense of speed. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it gets some ooohs and aahhhhs...

TheXgamerLive5406d ago

No, they can't b/c the bottleneck 3 can't handle it.
End of story.

sa739175412d ago

This has definitely improved dramatically since E3 '06. It's not quite up to the level of the CG demo from E3 '05 but for a launch title (or close to launch title) I think it's damn impressive.

Smellslikepie5412d ago

I wouldn't say it's THAT impressive. The frame rate was abysmal, four months until release though, so hopefully that'll change. You'd think they'd try and get a smooth performance for a trailer, wouldn't you?

The graphics were a little sub-standard compared to racers that have either been announced for the 360 or are actually present on the 360. I'm not having a dig at the PS3 saying it can't handle the 360's graphics because we all know they are just about equal, and the multiplatform racers that I've seen look quite impressive.

What was up with the tyres? Were they supposed to look like that?! If the were meant to be a quarter of the way into the ground then, oh dear. I can understand why they might be doing it because it might be soft mud, and with all the mud flying around it has the POSSIBILITY of looking good, however, it just looks like a clipping error. Is it?

Also, remember! this is just a game. This doesn't sum up the PS3's performance. If this game is crap then it's the game not the hardware. Same goes for the 360. I hear Jin having digs about Prey being a crap game therefore the 360 is crap (however Prey has got quite good reviews). I'll stop now so that I don't provoke anyone.

If anyone wants to play on live (360) my gamertag is Smellslikepie1