Capcom "actively pursuing" overseas acquisition

Capcom has revealed that as part of its expansion plans outside of Japan, it is currently "actively pursuing" partnerships and acquisitions.

With figures showing that 90 per cent of sales for recent hits Lost Planet and Dead Rising were outside of Japan, the company has targeted overseas growth as a key business strategy for 2007.

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CyberSentinel4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

while other American biased, japanese companies will remain stagnant or worst, develop for the wii. /shudder

Wake Up Square and Konami.

@2: Bubble for you sir.

kewlkat0074182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

Is still my favorite game developer. We go way back. They one of the smarter Japanese companies, actually thinking outside the "BOX" when it comes to making games that saturates world markets, not just "Japan".

Listen up..JAPAN is slowly not becoming as important, as it has in the past. Consoles that do not get Japanese support, do not die there as well, like in the old days.

Ever since Sony hired, the only Non-Japanese CEO, to run an Electronic Company, I knew things were changing over there. Japanese developers, are well aware at the gaming culture of Japan, and even stresses change.

One-up for Capcom, they discovered they can make money outside, "the land of the rising sun". It's only a matter of time others follow.

Now only if Capcom would bring back "Breath of Fire" series grrrr

original seed4182d ago

are taking great steps to insure the future of their company. Other Japanese developers need to focus on the world market not "their" world market.

tplarkin74182d ago

They will have to look outside of Japan. Now that the DS and Wii are the primary platform for their JRPGs and Love Sims, the Japanese developers will stagnate (even more). I wonder if they've ever used normal maps, yet. (The vast majority of them have not). I wish Japan would get on the ball and develop games using the latest technology.

PS360WII4182d ago

Breath of Fire would be nice but I still want my Bionic Commando sequal. I know you're making it!! please?

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