All Pro Football 2K8 on Gamespot's "On The Spot"

Visual Concepts' Jeff Thomas stops by the Gamespot offices to show off a preview build of All-Pro Football 2K8. Press jump to watch.

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donscrillinger4222d ago

this game is the shyt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its been 3 long years since we had an true to life playin football game .wow simply more arcade ball for me with nfl logos on it .its been 3 years since the refs ,the side line refs ,line of scrim ,field goal nets,camera men ,action,man the list goes on and on .....uuggggggggggg! itz back beechiesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..IF ANY OF YOU SCRUBS WANT IT SEE ME gamertag the same as read.XBL

DaddyDC6504222d ago

60 dollars for this piece of [email protected]? No thanks. If I'm going to pay 60 dollars for a football game, I'll buy the game with the NFL License thank you very much!

WafflesID4222d ago

Wow, what an incredibly intelligent and well thought out comment there.