Shatter Getting New Game Modes Including Multiplayer

PS3 owners of Shatter won't have to double dip if they want the new modes coming to the PC version, which was announced today. Studio Managing Director confirms "will be bringing the new modes back to the PSN version."

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disturbing_flame5249d ago

Shatter is totaly underated, oldschool flavor, perfect soundtrack, addictive gameplay.
Cool news.

thebudgetgamer5249d ago

shatter is an awesome game, i recomend it to anyone with a ps3.

PirateThom5249d ago

Awesome game, awesome soundtrack.

OrokuSaki115249d ago

meh no one really likes this game. psn titles are just meh

PirateThom5249d ago

I like this game. I also like PixelJunk Eden, Shooter, Wipeout HD and Flower.

Cyrax_875249d ago

^speak for yourself. I love this game, and multiplayer means my gf can play with me now =)

OtherWhiteMeat5249d ago

Seems Bungie has a new account.

MajesticBeast5249d ago

I think we would all like to play with your gf xD /Joke.

Amazing game by these guys the soundtrack is so good and the gameplay is topnotch.

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cfountain5249d ago

man, i bought this game not knowing anything about it and ended up loving it. cant wait for the multiplayer.

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Classic PS3 Game Shatter is Getting Remastered

Classic brick-breaking arcade game Shatter is getting remastered for modern consoles with upgraded visuals and even more smashing music.

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Game Music Daily Week 15

WE HIT ONE HUNDRED!! Come break out the confetti with Front Towards Gamer's staff picks of musical delight!

This week's awesome selections.
Shatter, Pokemon X&Y, Little Big Planet 2, The Wolf Among Us, True Crime, Chrono Trigger

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Top 5 Underrated Video Game Soundtracks

When people think about memorable video game soundtracks, there are a few recurring faces that seem to pop up every time. Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario are just a handful of franchises that get the bulk of the love when it comes to notable video game music. BagoGames presents 5 underrated soundtracks that you should give a listen to.

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pr0t0typeknuckles4126d ago

Madworld is the most underated soundtrack in recent years.

amaguli4126d ago

Nier had a fantastic soundtrack, but I don't really know if it would qualify as underrated. I still would have placed it on the list though.