E3 is dead...

...but no one told the Games Industry.

E3, the world's biggest videogame convention held yearly in Los Angeles, was officially 'terminated' back in July 2006. Why? The big three - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - got fed up of spending millions of dollars to get their heads kicked in by the assembled specialist press, internet forums and fan sites. So the question is: with the 'new' E3 only two weeks away, why has no one learnt their lesson?

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Ebay3rd4131d ago

Well in the business good PR and bad PR are the same they put company's names in our thoughts... Its kinda like lovem or hatem you know who they are...

Ignorant Fanboy4131d ago

Good PR is Good PR, no matter what.

But, Bad PR can hurt sales or increase it.

Manhunt and GTA are examples where bad PR increased sales.

Everytime youve seen a very low score for a game review, thats bad PR that hurts sales.

There is a difference.

Replace PR with publicity, PR is "Public Relations"

MK_Red4131d ago

For a while I believe E3 is dead but look at recent info: Sony preparing a big Killzone event for E3 and the E3 lineup lists are as big and crowded with games as ever.

Lucidmantra4131d ago

I think that over time the E3 commitee will see that these companies use E3 as a ... "look at our killer games" expo to spur gamer interest. And while the companies are spending massive amounts of money to set up displays at E3 in the last 2-3 years they are obviously making their money back or they wouldn't be doing it. Simple as that. E3 will get back to be the big thing. I am waiting to see exactly how different it really is this year vice last year. But i doubt it will be a discernable difference because Nintendo, SOny, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, etc. etc. are out there as the first year with all consoles for the new gen out and E3 is the traditional big market expo in the US, with Tokyo Game Show for Japan, and Leipzig for the Euro market. They use these 3 expos to go head to head and try to out maneuver the other companies in a expo situation where they are all there. Sure they have I love PS, I love Xbox, I love nintendo festivals that the companies put on but those are for the fans not for the media to be there and say... WOW look at home, WOW look at Halo3, Wow look at Mario Galaxy... Dang did you see how good NFS or Madden looks? etc. etc.

I see little change this year though due to the fact that Nintendo, MS and Sony are in a dogfight and the battle for new-gen domination IS going on right now over the next 2 years. It is just a great year for gaming... and E3 will be the first place where we will see HOW LUCKY we all are no matter which system(s) you play.


I feel that I've been saying that since I first decided to get an account on N4G. This is a Great Year, With Great Games. To each is own, and everyone should be pleased with their system(s) of choice.

Lucidmantra4131d ago

yes, I have been involved in the big ps3 vs 360 fights around here but over time i have come to see that it doesn't matter what you play. Just PLAYYY and stop fighting you can yell at a wall for eternity and it isn't going to move. You can discuss and dissect and talk truthfully to someone who is a diehard fan about things and they like the wall will not change. It doesn't do any good sometimes. As such I have come to become more of a expose gross inacuracies, and instill a little educated responce to any side of the story since i am lucky enough to have all 3 consoles in my home.

I would only be yelling at myself because I went and got all 3. They are all great in there own ways. Besides this place need more people to supervise and try to provide a mature viewpoint than it does another in one of the armies of blind fanbois screaming at the sky...

That is how i would like to see N4G as a whole W3lcome chang3...