Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Multiplayer Launch Has Problems

The fact is a right now the BFBC2 multiplayer is in need of serious help. Random disconnects for no apparent reason, Punkbuster kicks or not even being able to log into the game are keeping the majority of people out of out of multiplayer matches. EA is "aware" of the problem.

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MMFGaming4246d ago

EVERY Battlefield game has trouble at launch. Seriously. 1943 didn't work for a few days, the first Bad Company was broken for several weeks, etc.

It's OK. I still love them.

docsavage4246d ago

You're right but shouldn't that mean they should be more careful/better about launches if they have a history of problems?

Voozi4245d ago

They should considering DICE has a HORRIBLE track record for Battlefield games at launch. Anyone who's been playing since the start knows this. But nothing's changed, we "veterans" of the series have pretty much become accustomed to this by now, sadly.

All I can say to these new comers complaining, welcome aboard ;)

Just wait till DICE starts patching stuff, and enjoy your patches meant to fix bugs that create more bugs :P

No worries DICE! I still love you guys.

pangitkqb4245d ago

I've only had one game with any of the troubles mentioned. I'm sure everything will be fixed soon enough, as trying as it may be for some.

Still loving Dice and dedicated servers!

morgan1jones4246d ago

Play just posted mine, it better be working by the time i get it or i'll kick off

ps360s4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

i cancelled my pc order and went for the ps3 3 days ago with play.

Dont know if I have made the right choice!

can't wait for mine to arrive since I just finished Heavy Rain (which is really good)

Problems will be sorted out anyways asap so don't worry about ti guys if yuo have the PC versions

jjesso19934245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

why complain just do story while the problems are sorted could see problem if you payed online like the 360 but online is better and its free i really not botherd. ps3360 if you mean canceled the order pc and you got pc able to run then you made the wrong decision the graphics are nearly as good as crysis i would say there on par and the online is going to be lot better more players mods friendley comuiity ps3 is not that bad but resistance is full rasist people most of time iam ob makes me sick xbox live is the worst people can be so horrible and on pc its like there just more mature people on there.

ZombieNinjaPanda4245d ago

Can't see the article, what problems are people having exactly? So far I haven't seen any problems. In fact I love this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.