PlayStation Network Games - Why No Demos?

Sony, please, give us a demo! Loot Ninja would love to play your $5-10 downloadable titles, but they're not going to shell over the cash without trying the game out first. With digital distribution of the games, there's absolutely no reason not to provide a demo. Half of the downloadable titles on PSN do, and all Xbox Live Arcades games come with a demo. So why are new PSN games different?

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God of Gaming4131d ago

Which is why I love how EVERY game has to meet certain guidelines to be on LIVE... hopefully Sony will put in place some rules for games...

sticky doja4131d ago

Cuz sony needz tha money so they hope you buy instead of finding out it sucks with a demo and skipping it.

R2-JD4131d ago

I agree, all games that are available to purchase should have a demo available. Not only should all downloadable games have playable demo's, we need to see more demo's of games period. What happened to demo's of games coming out months ahead of a release? When the Official Playstation Magazine packed it in, I expected to see all the demo's online. This was the whole idea wasn't it???

This is the time when we NEED to have playable demo's of games like LAIR, HEAVENLY SWORD, KZ2, etc. Oh and bringing out a demo after the game is available is a waste of time too.

Frulond4131d ago

Because not always can trust a review since it seems some reviewers take cash for numbers.

They stopped making OPM because they said we were in a new era or some lame excuse and they were going to release all the demos through a digital version of the mag which was coming this year.

There is no mag there are no demos and you can't trust many sites for reviews. Everyday is getting harder to find good and fun games and not just toss your money away =(

MORE DEMOS PLS!!!!!!!!!!

Kyur4ThePain4131d ago

There is talk of a major redesign of the PSN.
I wouldn't expect much DL activity prior to that being complete.
I hope we hear/see more about this at E3.
They could make a killing with all their music and movie interests too.

kdawg2224131d ago

and not only that, a new DEMO is in store as we speak for all regions.

taz80804131d ago

Yeah I can see the benefit from SONY to not have a demo in that they would get more blind downloads for not so great games. They should at a minimum give a trailer or somehting to give you a sense of what the game will look like. That is one thing i love about LIVE, if it werent for the demo i would have bought Double Dragon and that was an aweful game for Xbox Arcade.

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The story is too old to be commented.