SmackDown 2007: Improved Match Types

has been a relatively quiet summer for THQ's upcoming WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007. Other than its appearance at E3 and the confirmation of two new additions to the roster, the annual grappler has remained somewhat of a mystery since its pre-WrestleMania debut earlier this year. Luckily, a familiar season is starting up again -- a season where the wrestling marks at IGN and the creators at THQ team up to bring you the most comprehensive SmackDown coverage in the world... and it all starts today.

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Marriot VP5410d ago

this isn't coming onto the PS3, it was cancelled.

PS3 Owns All5409d ago

ur both just X Box 360 fans. Enough hating on the better console. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 WILL be coming to the PS3.

PS360PCROCKS5409d ago

lol no it wont you moron, laugh at you ps3 owns all

jiggajayp5409d ago

No it isn`t coming to ps3!! lmfao!!!!!

PS3 Owns All5409d ago

What's the matter? Not entertained by the 360? WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 will come to the world's best console the PlayStation 3! Your all morons. 360 is not even enough to entertain u all lmfao. I know ur all waiting for the PS3. The future and next generation will begin when the PS3 is released. Truth/Period!

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