Realistically, What Could Be The "Surprise Sony Sequel"?

PushSquare: "Geoff Keighley's promo video for this week's GameTrailers TV threw a surprise for most Playstation fans. During a show-reel of Playstation 3 games, Keighley announced that this week's episode of GTTV would see the unveiling of a "surprise Sony sequel". But what could that game be?"

PushSquare suggest likely announcements to include:

- Starhawk;
- Syphon Filter;
- Twisted Metal;
- MediEvil;
- MotorStorm.

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callahan095248d ago

Could even be a PSN game. I sure as hell hope they don't try to pull this off as an unannounced sequel, but maybe PixelJunk Racers 2? We know it's coming but it hasn't technically been officially announced yet. If they were talking about that, then I'm going to have to reserve my excitement for any more of their headline hyping in the future, but I think it's a possibility that it will be an extremely underwhelming announcement. Keep that in mind before getting excited. Even if it's a disc-based game, I will be disappointed if it's MotorStorm 3. I liked the last MotorStorm game a lot, but they're going to have to make a third entry REALLY impressive and awesome if I'm going to get excited about it when there's so many other unannounced PlayStation properties that I'd rather hear something about instead.

RedDragan5248d ago

Motorstorm 3 or dare I say it everybody.... From the same people who work in Motorstorm for PS3, Studio Liverpool, aka Psygnosis, who run Evolution Studio's since Sony bought them...

DESTRUCTION DERBY HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noctis Aftermath5248d ago

Out of the IPs listed only Syphon Filter would be worth all the articles that has been written about the game so far.

I hope it's a great past title that no one has expected.

get2sammyb5248d ago

You're right, it's best not to get too excited prematurely.

If it's MotorStorm 3, I want it to be on water like WaveRace.

SullyDrake5248d ago

Resistance 3, MotorStorm 3, or Twisted Metal PS3.

Tony-A5248d ago

......... MOTORSTORM 3 WOULD NOT BE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jinxstar5248d ago

I feel like they will save the "Big" announcements for GDC or something else. I do hope for a Infamous 2 game though.

blind-reaper5248d ago

Maybe Little Big Planet 2 since they just bought Media Molecule, this or Twisted Metal (supposing Jaffe is working on it).

KiRBY30005248d ago

Syphon Filter (using naughtydog engine = epic win)
Destruction Derby!

if its one of those 3, i go bananas.

jamesgtaiv5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

in the butt. I want Twisted Metal and I want it NOW.

skwidd5248d ago

..they said sequel to a "current" game. Which invalidates a lot of games on that list. It seems like it's Motorstorm 3 but Im hoping for Colony Wars 4. But yea.. realistically it's Motorstorm 3. R3 and KZ3 will be announced in E3.

mabreu5248d ago

Legend of Dragoon, Colony Wars, and Vagrant Story would be cool.

sikbeta5248d ago

This are Real Surprises:

·Syphon Filter PS3
·Twisted Metal PS3

This Three Games are not a "surprise", everyone know at some point will be released:

*Motor Storm 3
*Resistance 3
*Killzone 3

Gaming FTW!!!

starvinbull5248d ago

On balance I'd say Motorstorm 2 is the most complete game on the PS3 so a sequel to that would be most likely to provide top quality.

I am really excited to see how the Killzone 3 story plays out as KZ2 was admittedly a little light on story.

Twisted Metal is probably the most overdue sequel given the popularity and success of earlier titles.

The others don't really interest me.

dabri55248d ago

I strongly suspect Twisted Metal

Marceles5248d ago

I just hope it's a popular Playstation title that hasn't been shown on PS3 yet.

creatchee5248d ago

I would go absolutely nuts if it was a sequel to One - a little-remembered game by Visual Concepts from the late 90's. You had this rage meter that made your shots more powerful the more things you destroyed and killed. It was honestly "one" of the most fun and destructive games I can ever remember.

Here's a video of the chaos:


FragGen5248d ago

I hope it's either Haze 2 or a Duke Nukem title.

Fraggen - VP of Thinking Outside the Box.

spunnups5248d ago


L-Teezy5248d ago

its been suspected that it'll have better graphics than GOW3 from keighley's twitter comment.... so my guess is Killzone 3, and im crossing my fingers for that ;)

sniper-squeak5248d ago

obviously it's going be something which is not of a current sequal (like MS or Resistance) something unexpected, like Driver 5 or SF

Ahmad-5248d ago

Sony announces games, and it's not even at e3!!! Imagine how much is going to be announced at e3!!

Coffin875247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

MediEvil? Oh God I would literally soil my pants ... I have SO loved the first two games as a kid ... (see pic)

But I seriously don't think so.. Anyway I am hoping for great graphics. ^^

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VileAndVicious5248d ago

...that or syphon filter. Those two games are the only ones that would be considered "surprises".
Starhawk would be nice but I just dont see SONY annoucing that one just after MAG...maybe at E3?